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Student Artist Profile: Lindsey Bianchi

by Babee Garcia

Lindsay Bianchi is an aspiring journalist at Montclair State.
Photo Courtesy of Lindsey Bianchi

Lindsey Bianchi, a junior majoring in journalism, describes how she decided to choose her career path within the art of storytelling.

Q. What is your major/minor/concentration?

A. My major is journalism.

Q. What made you decide to declare your major in journalism?

A. When I was a little girl, my grandma forced me to keep up with journal entries. As I got older, I did theater and loved to perform, and I’ve always loved to write. So I put my two loves together and came up with journalism where I can perform and communicate with people everyday in an artistic way.

Q. Who are your role models within your field of study?

A. As cliché as it is, Diane Sawyer is my biggest influence. She is truly the master of interviewing and pulling a good story.

Q. What were you like in high school compared to college? Did anything change in terms of your study habits or social life or did it remain the same?

A. I’ve always had a big personality. Even back in high school, I was never the shy kid sitting in the corner. I played the leads in my school musicals and captain of the varsity tennis team for two years. I guess the only difference is I had to cut out some of my hobbies to make room for school work. I still think I’m relatively the same person.


Bianchi is on the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Photo Courtesy of April DePrma.

Q. What are your personal and academic goals for this year?

A. This year, my academic goals are to continue to succeed in my major but hopefully while studying abroad in the spring semester of 2018. I just applied for Bournemouth University in Poole, England in the communications program and I recently got accepted.

Q. What are your career aspirations?

A. My career aspirations are to be an on-air news reporter for any major network and hopefully be able to travel while doing so.

Q. What is an interesting fact that barely anyone knows about you?

A. An interesting fact that barely anyone knows about me is I have been a vegetarian for 13 years. I don’t broadcast it like every other vegan.

Q. Any organizations you are a part of? Clubs on campus? Charities?

A. No, but I have a job as a waitress.

Q. What is one of the best moments you had at Montclair State so far?

A. So far at Montclair, one of my best moments would probably be working in a short film for a student’s project. It was amazing to see the creativity of this school and be a part of a process like that. There are so many different experiences you can get involved in here without it being a club or actual event.


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