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Taylor Swift’s Edgy ‘Reputation’ Takes Jab at Haters and Mentions New Beau

by Chanila German

The cover of Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” album. Photo courtesy of Taylorswift.com

“Call It What You Want,” but Taylor Swift’s new album “Reputation” is her best yet. The country singer turned pop superstar released her sixth studio album on Nov. 10, and it sold more than 700,000 copies on its first day. In her new album, Swift is reclaiming her “Reputation” as Hollywood’s mean girl and changing the narrative. Within the 15-track album, she takes her fans on a roller coaster ride of emotions. She is not holding back and is taking swings at all the haters while also finding a new love.

The first single from the album, “Ready for It,” has an entertaining and stimulating beat. This song has Swift written all over it. She is singing her heart out about the new man in her life, and it is fantastic.

Swift is making it known that she is “End Game” with the help of Ed Sheeran and Future. The mixture of hip-hop and pop flow perfectly together giving the song a pleasant balance. The steady and slow beat entices the listeners to rap along, even if they are not the best rappers.

After two breakups in 2016, Swift feels “Delicate.” However, with the help of her new man, she finds the courage to believe in love again.

In “Look What You Made Do,” Swift creates the most iconic phrase in pop history with, “The old Taylor Swift can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead.” Personally, I think that Swift needs to trademark this phrase and spend the rest of her life making millions off it.

“So It Goes” might be Swift’s best song on the album. The training wheels are finally off with Swift singing about her love life on a completely different level. She is letting the world know that “she is not a bad girl” but does “bad things” with her boyfriend. It is fantastic and everything that fans want to hear from her.

Out of all the songs on the album, “Gorgeous” is the worst. Swift sounds like a lovesick puppy, and it is nauseating. I would not recommend this song to my worst enemies.

“Dance With Our Hands Tied” is a slow-paced song in the beginning that leads to a fast techno beat. This song slightly reminds me of her old song, “Blank Space,” except this time around, she is not obsessed with the guy. By this point, she is over the guy and just wants to dance around to shake off the “bad feeling” she has.

The final song, “New Year’s Day,” will be blasted around my house right after the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1. My neighbors might complain, but it will be worth it. This is the only song where fans can listen to Swift’s calming and sweet voice stripped down as she plays the piano in the background.

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