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‘The Outpost’ Captivates With a Rich Plot Rather Than High-Budget Effects

by Kayla Carlamere

News came in mid-September that “The Outpost,” an indie fantasy series on The CW, would be canceled after four seasons.

With elements of science fiction, girl power and an amazing cast, “The Outpost” follows Talon, played by Jessica Green, a hero with mystical powers emerging from a tragic past. After finding sanctuary in the Gallwood Outpost, “the farthest edge of the realm,” a discovery leads her on a hunt for revenge on those who slaughtered her entire village when she was just a child.

The current season of “The Outpost” picks up where the last season left off, with the Gallwood Outpost in need of a new leader and all signs pointed to Talon. It incorporates past antagonists, shifts in power dynamics and attempts at overdue missions, all while the audience simultaneously discovers the history of the Blackblood race, of which Talon originally thought she was the only one left.

This season could have made for an acceptable finale if the producers of the show knew of its cancellation, which they did not.

Seeing as Talon started as an outcasted lone wolf, a finale season dedicated to watching her accept her well-deserved leadership position in a place she calls home would have shown immense character development. Though there is still hope that by the season’s end Talon will take on this responsibility, the idea is covered by the introduction of many other unnecessary storylines that will not reach their conclusion by the end of the show.

While the additional subplots may seem excessive, each of the storylines still blends into each other quite well and ensures characters undergo development.

The amazing plot of “The Outpost,” in addition to its well-developed characters, tear-jerking deaths, humor, magic and science, is buried by its reputation as a show of low-budget effects and lack of perfectly executed action scenes, leaving some to declare their distaste for the series before giving it a chance.

However, this season encountered a new need for effects, as it introduced two new races, the “Kahvi” and the “Gods,” both of which have unique features and powers. The effects used were still not on par with those you may see in a Marvel movie, but it was ensured they were not too distracting or fatuous and still able to play a role in a thrilling fight scene without seeming out of place. They were better executed this season than in past seasons and never distracted from the story, which is the leading force of the finale just as it had been in all other seasons.

Adam Johnson as Munt (left), Reece Ritchie as Zed (middle), and Tamara Radovanovic as Nedra in Season 4 Episode 10.

Adam Johnson as Munt (left), Reece Ritchie as Zed (middle) and Tamara Radovanovic as Nedra (right).
Photo courtesy of The CW

Overall, the driving plot of the current season is a climactic moment built up from season one, which would have perfectly fit within the finale of the series, as the characters face the most notable opponents yet.

This season also includes so many callbacks to past episodes that I would have believed the production team knew of the show’s cancellation. But seeing how they have confirmed they did not know, the ending is expected to leave the audience on the edge of their seats awaiting another season like the show has managed to do so impressively every time before.

The haunting question lingers of whether “The Outpost” will end on a cliff-hanger that leaves audience members thunderstruck, or if the several storylines will be brought to a graceful close. Though it doesn’t look promising, fans of the show can only sit back and discover for themselves when the series finale airs on Oct. 7.

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