The Story of ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Continues with ‘Monsters at Work’


Published September 22, 2021
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Mike and Sulley are now the heads of Monsters, Inc. Photo courtesy of Disney+

How did the monsters from “Monsters, Inc” switch from collecting screams to collecting laughs? Viewers get the answer in the exclusive Disney+ series, “Monsters at Work.”

“Monsters at Work” takes place not too long after Sulley and Mike return Boo to the human world and become the new heads of Monsters, Inc. But they no longer need scarers; they now have to find a couple thousand jokesters to get the energy the monster-world needs.

This series focuses on the misadventures of Tylor Tuskmon, a college graduate eager to start his career as a scarer. On his first day of work, he discovers scaring is out and joking is in. Although this is upsetting news, Tylor decides to make an attempt at becoming a jokester.

In the meantime, he’s assigned to work with the Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team, or MIFT for short. Here, Tylor meets a bunch of eccentric but well-meaning monsters.

Tylor Tuskmon goes from scarer to jokester. Photo courtesy of Disney+

Tylor Tuskmon goes from scarer to jokester.
Photo courtesy of Disney+

Knowing that Monsters, Inc. is now a company with a laugh floor, it can be guessed that this is a comedic series. Like most Disney animated projects, it’s targeted toward a younger audience with most jokes for children, but there are a few jokes only older audiences will understand.

Every character in the show made me crack a smile sooner or later. Those like me will get a kick out of particular new characters that are quite relatable, though characters from the original films made me laugh the most. All of the attempts Mike and Sulley constantly make to keep Monsters, Inc. from shutting down got some genuine laughs out of me.

Not to give too much away, but you might even see references and the return of some more beloved monsters from the first film, making it a great addition to the “Monsters, Inc.” franchise. Viewers might also recognize a few nods to the prequel, “Monsters University.” Those who grew up watching these movies won’t be disappointed with what “Monsters at Work” has to offer; I would even say it’s better than the prequel.

Though a great introduction to the new characters, the first two episodes drag a little. After that, however, the story becomes much more interesting, constantly making you wonder if a certain plotline is going to add up to another misadventure in a later episode. They also make you want to hang out with both old and new monsters for much longer than the episode run times of less than 30 minutes.

The voice cast is a joy with the return of John Goodman as Sulley and Billy Crystal as Mike. There’s also the return of Jennifer Tilly as Celia and Bob Peterson as Roze, Roz’s twin.

But of course, the voices of the newer monsters shouldn’t be sold short. New voices from Ben Feldman as Tylor, Mindy Kaling as Val and Henry Winkler as Fritz are also fun additions.

The Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team (MIFT) consists of eccentric but well-meaning monsters. Photo courtesy of Disney+

The Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team (MIFT) consists of eccentric but well-meaning monsters.
Photo courtesy of Disney+

If you’re a fan of “Monsters, Inc.” or feel the need for nostalgia, I highly recommend checking out “Monsters At Work,” which is probably the closest fans will get to a sequel.

The show has recently been green-lighted for a second season according to an interview with one of the series’ voice actors so those interested still have plenty of time to watch all 10 episodes of season one.

No matter what’s next for Mike, Sulley, Tylor and all the monsters of MIFT, one thing’s for sure: it’s laughter they’re after.

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