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Walk the Moon Returns to Their Roots with ‘What If Nothing’

by Katie Coryell

“Walk the Moon” recently released their third album titled, “What If Nothing,” which features a deep-cut and infectious rock ‘n’ roll sound.

“Walk the Moon,” a pop-rock band from Cincinnati skyrocketed to fame in 2015 with their smash hit, “Shut Up and Dance.” Not only did the band continue to produce one club banger after another, like “Different Colors” and “Work This Body,” but they remained humble and served as a musical inspiration to dreamers everywhere.

“What If Nothing” is astoundingly different than their last album, “Talking Is Hard,” because it is entirely a work of art. Even their self-titled album from when they first began has a melody all its own, which is what makes this band so special.

The album starts off with a song titled, “Press Restart,” which represents their new beginning. It has been a few years since “Walk The Moon” put out new music due to lead singer Nicholas Petricca having to care for his ill father. The group did not disband, but they were held at a standstill for quite some time, leaving fans to wonder about their future.

This album proves that the band’s spirit remained unbroken after their comeback. Their spark had never died. In fact, when they started making music again, their performance became stronger than ever.

'What If Nothing' album cover

‘Walk the Moon”s ‘What If Nothing’ album cover.
Photo courtesy of genius.com

I had the honor of attending the band’s album release party at the iHeartRadio theater in New York City recently. Petricca said that the new album is “raw and authentically who we are as human beings.” That message is clear from when the first song hits to when the last song ends.

“What If Nothing” is a little similar to their first self-titled album since it returns them to their rock roots but with more add-ons. The album contains beautiful guitar riffs, soulful lyrics, soothing keyboard sounds and loud honesty. It sends out two powerful messages: to accept one’s individuality and it is okay to embrace uniqueness. As sung in “All I Want:”

“I am my own sanctuary/I am my own hero/I am my own teacher/I am my own best friend/I am my own Friday night/I am my own love of my life/I am my own way out/I am my own sanctuary/I am my own sanctuary”

Songs like “Headphones” and “Kamikaze” have the deep-cut rock ‘n’ roll sound that I mentioned before, but there are also songs, like “Surrender” and “Tiger Teeth,” that enrich the calmness to its core. Either way, the compelling tones of every note will leave listeners in awe.

At the album release show, Petricca highlighted the loyalty of the band’s fans.

“The best part of these shows is coming out and making magic with you,” Petricca said.

Using their passion to reignite their spark from a dark time, “Walk The Moon”‘s new album is the soundtrack to fans’ hearts. Anyone who purchases “What If Nothing” will feel the intensity, rawness and beauty reverberating inside them.

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