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‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Breaks More Than Just the Internet

by Chanila German

“When you break the Internet, you don’t literally have to ‘break’ the Internet!”

“Ralph Breaks the Internet,” the sequel to the 2012 box office hit “Wreck-It Ralph,” brings audiences back to the fictional virtual reality of Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope for one of their craziest, funniest and at times, most dangerous rides yet.

From an incredible cast that includes Sarah Silverman, John C. Reilly, Gal Gadot and many others, this film doesn’t just break the internet, but also the box office.

Set six years after the end of the first film, “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” reintroduces the audience to the characters by bringing everyone back to the iconic ’80s theme arcade.


“Ralph Breaks the Internet” shows off the newest and more dangerous racer crew in their virtual game, Slaughter Race. Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Within the first 10 minutes, it’s obvious to the audience that while nothing has physically changed in any of their beloved characters, something doesn’t feel right anymore. Some characters, or more importantly one character, struggles with following the norm after realizing that it no longer excites them as it once did. However, their feelings take a backseat when one of the controllers of the arcade breaks, causing a wave of panic among the players in the park.

After several of the players become homeless, forcing everyone, including our favorite couple Fix-it Felix and Sergeant Calhoun, to adopt several wild teenagers, Ralph makes it his mission to set things right again. Along with Vanellope, Ralph makes his way into a brand new game none of the players ever dared to enter before, called the Internet.

Regardless of your feelings about animated films, all of Disney’s animators deserve an award for the amount of detail that went into this film. Once the vortex of the Internet absorbs Ralph and Vanellope, viewers are exposed to the most visually pleasing animated film that Disney has produced since “Frozen” and “Moana.”

The film is beautiful to look at from the vibrant colors, the level of detail and the perfect amount of creativity. Even if you hate the storyline – which is impossible with cameos of all your favorite Disney’s princesses – at least you’ll remain entertained with the graphics throughout the film.

The best part of the film was watching all the classic princesses come back to the big screen, including Cinderella, Rapunzel, Elsa, Pocahontas, Merida and many more. It was nice to see all these princesses put away their fancy dresses and show off their more appealing sweatpants.

As the girls sat around and chatted with one another about their worries and dreams, it was easy to believe that these were a group of teenage girls instead of princesses. This perspective of the princesses helped to breathe life into all these girls’ narratives and made them feel relatable.


Ralph meets a cluster of new characters, like Double Dan, as he goes on his latest mission. Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Animation Studios

Overall, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” wasn’t as good as the first film, but it still left a strong impression on the audience.

Audience members cheered after the end-credit scene and children left partly upset knowing that it could be the last time they see their animated friends from the arcade park on the big screen.

While the film is enjoyable for anyone watching it, the film was more amusing for children who could easily get lost in the magical world of Disney.


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