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Caps Will Be Thrown and Tears Will Be Shed at 2019 Graduation Ceremony

by Rosaria Lo Presti

Montclair State University students are counting down the days until commencement while preparing to ace their final exams. While their college experience has been filled with hard work and stress, it has also been filled with lots of memories and fun times.

Even though the seniors are moving on from their time as an undergraduate student, most are going the extra mile to achieve their Master’s degree at Montclair State.

Graduating senior and exercise science major Lucas Biel is trying to pursue his masters degree at Montclair State following graduation.
Rosaria Lo Presti | The Montclarion

Graduating senior Lucas Biel is an exercise science major who believes that Montclair State is one of the most underrated schools in the area.

“I believe that people can receive a great education here, especially if you make a connection with the professors,” Biel said. “I also just had an interview here for the Master’s program to continue studying exercise science.”

Several seniors praise their professors as well as university staff for a successful career at Montclair State. They have helped many students receive a proper education and achieve the grades needed to succeed.

Graduating seniors and nutrition majors Amanda DeCandia (right) and Anna Kwiatek (left) are excited to graduate in May.
Rosaria Lo Presti | The Montclarion

Graduating senior and nutrition major, Amanda DeCandia, has described each individual year of college as “unique” and different. She also agrees that her professors have directed her to follow the right path in order to achieve her goals.

“I’ve been here for three years, and it’s been very different each year. I’ve developed close relationships with my professors and they’ve helped me figured out which direction I want to go in,” DeCandia said. “Montclair State has been a bit of a roller coaster, but I don’t regret it at all and I’m excited to graduate.”

Montclair State offers many programs that encourage students to experience different work categories of their chosen major.

Graduating senior Anna Kwiatek is also a nutrition major and she believes that Montclair State has offered her “life-changing experiences.”

“I took every opportunity I could to get here. Whether it was participating in clubs or working at them with the fitness programs, I’ve used nutrition and health in all aspects. This has helped me develop the connections I need in the future,” Kwiatek said. “I’m super excited to graduate, I’m definitely going to be emotional but it will be the greatest thing ever.”

The undergraduate seniors at Montclair State have had a great college experience, and they are excited to graduate on May 24 at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.


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