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A Pandemic Won’t Stop Back to School Campus Fashion

by Courtney M White

Student life at Montclair State University is different than it has been any other year. With students returning to campus, many are finally seizing the opportunity to pull out their favorite late summer/early fall pieces to show off their best looks.

Sonia Anand, a senior business major, loves fashion and travel. Her love of fashion comes from the need for expression. Anand feels fashions is a perfect way to show personal style and interests.

Her favorite piece is a Moschino faux fur coat. It’s oversized and is a stunning accent that works well with any outfit.

Photo courtesy of Courtney White

Sonia Anand shows off her Moschino faux fur coat.
Photo courtesy of Courtney White

“It’s such a classic piece,” Anand said.

Whereas Anand loves to follow current trends, another Montclair State student likes to go his own way.

Deion Crooks, a business administration major, is a man of his own style. Crooks loves fashion for the first impression it makes.

“It gives me something to be excited about. I get excited to wear new clothes,” Crooks said.

Crooks is a big fan of hunting for the right piece and is not a fan of following trends, although he does love sneaker culture. Crooks’s go-to outfit involves his favorite t-shirt, a Gosha Rubchinsky Yin Yang Tee from the spring/summer 2017 collection.

Photo courtesy of Lilly McLelland

Lilly McLelland believes fashion is an experimental form of art and has decided to dedicate her life to it.
Photo courtesy of Lilly McLelland

Sophomore Lily McLelland loves all things fashion. As a business marketing and fashion merchandising major, McLelland has decided to dedicate her life to fashion and loves the ability to have an open platform for creativity.

“It’s experimental and can be art in the way you style,” McLelland said.

She believes fashion is very experimental and is its own art form where anyone can style any way they want. Mclelland’s favorite fashion era to grab inspiration from is the 1970s and early 2000s, which both seem to be making a comeback in 2020. McLelland has many pieces that she likes and many ways to pair them. She even calls her Gucci belt her prized possession.

Even though Montclair State is holding mostly virtual classes this semester, Montclair State students are still finding creative ways to express themselves to the campus community.

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