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Beneath the Mask

by Gabriella Dragone

Montclair State University students with masquerade masks could be seen walking around campus on Oct. 25 as they made their way to the annual masquerade ball. Students came together with their friends to enjoy a night of singing, dancing and tasty desserts.

Some students shared their enjoyment of the event saying they had a lot of fun, like sophomore sports media and journalism major George Jamgochian.

“Two friends reached out and asked if I would go to the ball with them, and I was more than happy,” Jamgochian said. “They had great food and music, and it felt great to dress up.” 

Sophomore sports media and journalism major George Jamgochian (left) and Bergen Community College dentistry sophomore Allison Getchell (right) pose for a photo.
Gabriella Dragone | The Montclarion


Over 100 students filled the University Hall ballroom and were given their very own mask for the night to keep.

There were many desserts on display such as cupcakes, brownies and cookies along with drinks such as water and punch. Each table was decorated with a long vase-like centerpiece adorned with pearl beads and feathers. Circling the centerpieces were small masquerade masks that were glitter-gold and outlined with small black feathers.

The majority of the night involved students singing and dancing to some of their favorite songs including some throwbacks like “We’re All In This Together” from “High School Musical” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye.

The center pieces at the masquerade ball were tall glasses surrounded by mini masks. Gabriella Dragone | The Montclarion

Several Montclair State students did not hesitate to tell their friends about the event. Bergen Community College sophomore Allison Getchell was in attendance.

“A lot of people seemed to enjoy the songs the DJ was playing,” said the dentistry major.

Areas for students to take photos were also available. Students could get a professional photo taken or take a Boomerang photo with their friends using an iPad that was provided at the event.

Most female students wore long dresses while others wore short to accommodate the semi-formal dress code along with masks that they brought on their own or were given at the front door. Male students on the other hand wore dapper tuxedos or dress shirts. No one hesitated to wear a mask.

Three students take a Boomerang photo at the ball.
Gabriella Dragone | The Montclarion

At the end of the night, RecBoard held a raffle. The winner won a dinner for four at an Italian restaurant in New York City.

Sophomore family science and human development major Megan Twesten was one of the students that entered the raffle.

“I thought the raffle was really cool,” Twesten said. “Too bad I didn’t win. I was only two numbers away.”

Updated as of Nov. 12, 2018

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