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Book Review: ‘Be a Work in Progress’

by Luis Nieto Jr

John Cena’s first illustrated book was published for new readers and fans alike last April. Cena comes from an industry filled with dedication and hard work. He is the face of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and he is filled with power to wow the masses.

Cena’s book “Be a Work in Progress” was created with illustrator Valeria Petrone and the combination between the two is shown greatly throughout the book. Cena’s words and thoughts are displayed perfectly and the illustrations by Petrone fulfill a visual representation to its readers as well. What I enjoyed most about the book has to be the seamlessness of how the words and illustrations are blended so well.

The way Cena knows how to cater to not just his fans but also newcomers is also great to see.

Cena printed the words, “Other Things I’d like to Tell My Young Self” on the front of the book, providing a sense of foreshadowing to what type of information there is throughout the book. “Life is about the ride, not the car you show up in,” is one of the many pieces of advice Cena would like to tell a younger version of himself. He shows that success comes in many different forms, it just depends on how you look at it.

There are some days that I deal with a sense of shortfall in terms of motivation, desire or passion to get up to the gym or finish some projects. But reading this book provided me with a sense of wanting to accomplish something bigger than myself.

In “Be a Work in Progress,” Cena has laid down the fundamentals of hard work, dedication and motivation in such a demonstrative and easy way. I like how relatable Cena’s words can be, especially for all aspects of life when it comes to personal growth, relationships, workplace and even finance.

Cena is a person who has dedicated his life to entertainment, not just in the wrestling industry, but also the industry as a whole. His background in entertainment helped make the experience of reading his novel a page-turning, fun adventure.

The 168 pages of this book truly make the reader want more insight into Cena’s life because of how detailed and passionate each page is. The book is curated with love, detail and precision.

What I find most interesting about Cena is his way of captivating an audience through not just physical strength, but comedic timing and motivational tidbits.

In doing so, Cena left a remarkable and personal impact on me, bringing a lot of value to my everyday life.

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