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Coffee in Graz, Austria: Voices from Abroad

by Montclarion Feature
Coffee in Graz is hard to come by, but one store offers Starbucks.

Press & Books is the only location in Graz, Austria that sells Starbucks coffee.
Photo credit: Awije Bahrami

The most popular place for students in the United States to get their coffee is either Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. On the other side of the world, the only place where people can get Starbucks coffee in Graz, Austria — the partner city of Montclair, with its own study abroad program for Montclair State students — is from a Starbucks coffee station at a local bookstore. The place is called Press & Books and is located at the Graz Central Railway Station.

There have been rumors that a Dunkin’ Donuts will soon open in Graz, but the people responsible are still looking for a suitable location, according to Futter, a newspaper for college students in Graz.

The coffee station arrived at the end of January. According to an employee, more people — a mix of students and adults — have been walking into the bookstore since the arrival of the Starbucks station.

Ramona Bodner, the branch manager, said that, thanks to Starbucks, they have gained a wider audience, and she added that they have had good experiences with Starbucks so far.

A coffee shop patron gets a drink from the coffee machine in Graz. Photo credit: Awije Bahrami

A coffee shop patron gets a drink from the coffee machine in Graz.
Photo credit: Awije Bahrami

Although the options at the coffee station are not exactly the same as a regular Starbucks in the U.S., the most popular hot drinks are there: cappuccino, caffè latte, latte macchiato, vanilla latte, café creme, caffè mocha, hot chocolate, chai tea latte and hot water for the five tea options. There are no venti cups available, which might have to do with the fact that Austrians consider a tall size to be too large.

Where do Montclair State students get their coffee in Graz?

Many students like Ryan Sondermeyer, a junior double major in German and linguistics who is studying abroad in Graz, said that the people go to small coffee shops, sit down and take their time to drink their coffee. “I usually only drank coffee on the run when in the [United] States, whereas here I can actually enjoy it,” said Sondermeyer.

Andrew Dollberg, a junior German major currently studying abroad in Graz as well, said he used to make himself coffee in the U.S. with a French press. “In Austria, I still make my coffees at home,” said Dollberg.

Others, like Montclair State student Tayllor Cunningham, a senior double major in German and English, get their caffeine from coffee machines all around the university campus at the University of Graz. “I actually prefer the coffee here,” said Cunningham.

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