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Finding Kindness Through Bracelets

by Corinne Appel

Junior family science and human development major Lisa Hagel has recently introduced the Little Words Project to the Montclair State University community. She aims to make the campus’ atmosphere feel more welcoming and comforting through the small bracelets that she handcrafts herself to bring positivity and kindness to students.

Lisa Hagel is the ambassador of Little Words Project at Montclair State University.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Hagel


“Just wearing a bracelet alone with a positive saying on it, and being able to look down at it when you’re feeling defeated reminds you who you are and how you can receive and spread more kindness in this world,” Hagel said

Hagel initiated the brand on campus two months ago in hopes of having a positive impact on students, especially girls.

The brand offers cute bracelets with empowering sayings such as “girl boss,” “smile” and “good vibes” in different styles. The bracelets come beaded with the sayings on white, gold or silver beads. Along with bracelets, the brand also offers furry pompom key chains, a “Girl Power” phone case and chokers. Hagel’s goal is to work with students, sororities, clubs and teams in the future.

A bracelet with the phrase “Nice Girl” is featured in front of University Hall.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Hagel

Sophomore psychology major Taylor Woytas really enjoys Hagel’s bracelets.

“[They are] cute, trendy and fashionable,” Woytas said.

The brand originally started with Adriana Carrig, the founder of the Little Words Project. According to Little Words Project’s offical website, Carrig was bullied growing up, and she made bracelets as a daily reminder to stay strong. When her friends expressed to her that they loved her bracelets. Carrig thought it would be beneficial for other girls to have these bracelets, share them and be able to uplift each other.

“I wanted to share these positive words with each of my new friends, so they could always remember to have ‘Strength’ or ‘Be Happy,'” Carrig wrote on the website.

The project provides bracelets where portions of the profits are donated to nonprofits, such as Kind Campaign, Movement Foundation, Power Play NYC, Pretty Brainy and She Should Run.

Some bracelets are made for sororities as well. Photo courtesy of Little Words Project Website.

These nonprofit organizations empower younger girls to further their education, be confident in themselves and bring other girls’ confidence up.

“Today more than ever in schools, kindness and positivity needs to be spread more frequently,” Hagel said. “If more students on campus became aware of this brand, I believe it would have such a strong impact.”

Anyone interested in the brand can contact Hagel via Instagram @littlewordsproject_msu.

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