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How to Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Salads are a great start to eating healthly.

Salads are a great start to eating healthy.
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Summer is a motivating time to get healthy and in shape and, in many cases, people take extreme measures to get a “summer body.” Not only are these methods unrealistic, but they are also harmful and won’t provide lasting results.

If you’re looking to become healthier for the summer, check out these tips to transition to a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle.

1. Eat a variety of foods

One of the healthiest things you can do is widen your food palate. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats is the best way to keep a balanced diet.

If you live on campus, choosing a side salad for lunch or eating vegetables with your dinner instead of rice or other grains is a great way to get more vegetables in your diet.

For example, at Panda Express, choose mixed vegetables with your meal instead of rice or noodles.

Eating fruit for breakfast and as a snack is also an easy options. Au Bon Pain also serves fresh oatmeal every morning, which is another great breakfast option for those looking choosing to eat healthier.

2. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals is one of the unhealthiest things you can do. When you don’t eat, your body starts using your muscle to make energy. This is not what you want to happen because you want to keep your body muscle.

Food gives us energy and helps us get through our day. Eating the right kinds of foods will keep you full longer, so you won’t have any urge to choose unhealthy options.

Eating balanced meals throughout your day filled with vitamins and nutrients is healthier than skipping meals. In the long run, not skipping meals will help you lose weight.

3. Choose more protein

Choosing foods with a good amount of protein is another way to keep you full longer. Protein is an essential part of any diet and it is needed to survive.

Choose good sources of protein, such as lean chicken breast, turkey, eggs, soy and tofu. These options are great things to incorporate into your meals.

At California Tortilla, ask for grilled chicken breast in your burritos or bowls. If you order at So Deli, ask for turkey breast or chicken breast. At Panda Express, get the veggie option with tofu.

4. Drink lots of water

Drinking enough water is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Water provides energy for the brain and body.
All around campus, there are water station to refill your water bottle. Aim to drink eight to ten glasses of water throughout the day. Replacing the sugary beverages you normally drink with water will also help.

5. Slowly incorporate exercise

Something you can do to get in shape for summer and transition into a healthy lifestyle is to start exercising. The benefits of daily exercise are numerous, and they will help you reach your goals for summer or life.

Exercise also helps the body and brain function and releases endorphins that will make you happy. Slowly incorporate exercise into your daily routine to live a healthier life.

Making these small changes can help you transition into a healthy lifestyle and get the summer body you want in an appropriate way.
Taking excessive measures to achieve your goals isn’t necessary, and in the long run they will harm you more than do good. Living a healthy life is important to start now and carry into your future.

Always remember that being healthy is more important than being skinny, and making these changes will impact your life for the better.

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