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Isolation Tips: Things To Do So You Don’t Go Insane While You Have COVID-19

by Sal DiMaggio

Getting the coronavirus (COVID-19) sucks. There’s no doubt about that. But what can suck even more is getting stuck in isolation for six days. Talk about boring: you have to suffer alone for almost a whole week, either stuck in your bedroom or worse, in an isolation room in one of the residence halls on campus. Cabin fever can get to a lot of people. You can start to go a bit crazy, itching for something to do.

I would know; I spent the last week in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. It was lonely and boring at first, sitting in my isolation room in Dinallo Heights, but I quickly found some things to keep me busy. Here are some ways to be productive during your time in isolation:

1. Get schoolwork done.

Yes, I know, the last thing you probably want to do while you’re sick is schoolwork. But if you’re trapped in your room, this is a perfect chance to get some assignments off your plate. Start working on that essay that’s due in three weeks. Complete that Spanish homework that you missed. Getting a head start will cause you less stress later on, trust me.

2. Spend some time doing a hobby of yours.

Been meaning to up your chess game? Now is the perfect chance. Devote some time to something you love doing, whether it’s increasing your knowledge of botany or crafting the perfect script for your next Dungeons and Dragons podcast. Or if you don’t have a hobby, try something new. You could be really good at memorizing the elements, or something.

3. Get on FaceTime with your friends and family.

Being stuck in isolation can surely get lonely, but thanks to modern technology, we can still see each other’s faces, even if virtually. Do a group call with your besties so they know how you are doing. Spend so much time with your romantic partner that you don’t want the call to end, and so much time with your mom that you wish your call with her would. Talking to the people you care about will only boost your spirits and make you feel better mentally.

4. Do some mental organizing.

As college students, we tend to have so much going on at once that we can let some things slip through the cracks, like a missed meeting with your advisor or a responsibility for a club you forgot. Use this time to plan out the week or month ahead. Schedule when you have to go grocery shopping or when you do your statistics homework. This way you won’t forget to eat or get two hours of sleep a night (both things that I am guilty of, admittedly).

5. Relax.

Take this time to chill. You deserve a well-earned break. Take that nap you’ve been wanting to take for so long. Turn on the PlayStation and zone out for a bit. Read that book that’s been on your reading list for months. Catch up on the news. Whatever it is, make sure your energy is replenished when you come out of isolation so that you can come back into the world ready to go.

6. And finally, focus on getting better.

Take care of yourself. That is the whole reason you are in isolation in the first place. Make sure you have any medicine that you need, from prescription pills to the miracle that Advil is. Cough drops, tissues, thermometer- stock up on anything you might need during your isolation period. Monitor your symptoms, and make sure someone can bring you more supplies if you need. Getting healthy is the most important thing to focus on while in isolation.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get through your week alone as you recover from COVID-19. I know they got me through the soul-rattling cough that I had and the subpar delivery meals from Sam’s Place. (Even when you have COVID-19, their burgers still taste like trash). So rest up, take care of yourself and make sure to keep your spirits up. You’ll get through this, mentally and physically. You got this.

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