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“It Ends With Us”: A Coming of Age Romance For Today’s Young Adults

by Alejandra Canales

“It Ends With Us” is a compelling story that highlights the strength of women, the complexity of being in love and how someone may not always be who they appear to be.

During the pandemic, “BookTok” became a popular hashtag on TikTok. Many creators have gained popularity for recommending books of all types of categories. Colleen Hoover, the author of the book, has gained immense popularity on “BookTok”. Her other books have been heavily praised by creators on the app. “It Ends With Us” is one of her most hyped books on social media platforms yet, and it’s where I discovered this book.

“It Ends With Us” was an enjoyable read, so much so that I chose it as one of my rereads for the summer. During my second read, it was even more compelling and even though I knew what was going to happen, it felt like a brand new story. My understanding of the characters and their flaws became deeper. This was a book that easily got me out of a reading slump. To this day, I still talk about “It Ends With Us” and how much I love it.

The book follows Lily Bloom, who moves to Boston after graduating from college. In Boston, she meets a neurosurgeon named Ryle Kincaid. Lily pursues her own business while forming a relationship with Ryle. She discovers her old childhood journals and is consumed by the feelings of her new relationship with Ryle and her first love, Atlas Corrigan. When Atlas suddenly reappears in her life, she questions her intentions with both of her love interests.

The book highlights the struggles Lily must overcome in her relationship with Ryle and overcoming the abuse she witnessed in her childhood. Her journals touch on her experiences witnessing domestic abuse and how Atlas was an important part of her formative years.

Lily’s character develops immensely throughout the story. When we are first introduced to her character, she is reserved and not interested in Ryle. As her relationship with him progresses, Lily faces challenges with Ryle’s personality. While she deliberates Ryle’s intentions it almost feels like she is too timid. Later we learn about her encounters with domestic abuse and how that affects how she handles the continuation of her relationship. In the end, Lily is a strong protagonist. Her revelation about domestic abuse and how society views people who have been associated with abuse is eye-opening.

Ryle’s character development is also important because it impacts how Lily grows as a character. Ryle is cunning and wealthy. He could be considered the perfect man to most. Reading about how he pushes his own boundaries to be with Lily is important. You learn that people can change based on a seemingly harmless moment. Ryle’s development shows how someone can be nice in the beginning and say all the right things, but ultimately not be the right person for you.

Hoover has a sequel coming soon for all of the book’s fans. “It Starts With Us” will be released on Oct. 18. The sequel will let the reader see the story through Atlas’s point of view. Additionally, Justin Baldoni’s company Wayfarer Entertainment bought rights to the book that would allow them to make a movie adaptation, so be sure to look out for that as well.

“It Ends With Us” is a perfect read for anyone who’s interested in romance or wants an easy emotional read. “It Ends With Us” is one of my favorite books now and I hope that anyone who reads it loves it as much as I do.

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