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Korean Skin Beauty Routine

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The “Double Cleansing Method” is a K-beauty staple.

The “Double Cleansing Method” is a K-beauty staple.

From pulling multiple all-nighters to carefree weekend nights, college life can tear the very veil that masks the inner pain: our skin.

Blackheads, dryness and uneven skin tone are all too common for the average stressed-out student in the world of academia.

While the pimple popping and scrubbing temptations still stand in the way, should neglect solely be held responsible for these problems?

Most American companies market similar acne care products/regimens. These include salicylic foaming cleansers, benzoyl peroxide gels, exfoliating pads and “oil-free” moisturizers. Yet, especially for students with oily/combination skin, these products often suck all the natural oils out of the skin, making it even drier and oilier to compensate for the loss of moisture.
What will cure the college beauty blues? Think “Korean Wave.”

Since PSY’s “Gangnam Style” galvanized the international airwaves, South Korean pop culture, particularly Korean popular music (K-pop), has continued to generate massive popularity across America’s college campuses. However, where there is K-pop, there are idols and companies which market idols on their alluring appearances. Hence, the 10-step Korean Skin Care Regimen has been brought into the spotlight.

Not sound familiar? The products used by many American students are all similar. The absorption is the difference. However, it is important to note that some of these products can be expensive and require commitment. Nonetheless, they are definitely worth trying.

The Routine:

1) Cleansing oil. Most Americans would shriek at the thought of putting “oil” on their face, but the right oils are effective. This light, moisturizing oil washes away make-up and outdoor pollution.

2) Foaming cleanser. Unlike most, these are milder and less irritating, which clean yet maintain healthy oils. No scrubbing.Apply gently.

3) Exfoliate. Exfoliating is essential, but dries the skin out if used every day. Koreans use small amounts on problem areas, often with a small, abrasive konjac sponge.

4) Toner. This is not the high-alcohol astringent that has given toners a bad name. This is hydrating and pH-balanced, which is perfect for acne-prone skin.

5) Eye cream. This helps with those dark eye circles often caused pulling all-nighters or lack of sleep.

6) Facial sheet masks. These masks come in adorable packaging, but should only be used a couple of times a week.

7) Essence. This is the most debated product on the list. Koreans swear by its potency, but Americans remain on the fence. This concentrate is mostly spritzed for anti-aging properties, so it can be put aside.

8) Ampoule/Serum. This also has anti-aging properties, but is used more for rejuvenating dull skin.

9) Emulsion/Moisturizer. This product helps further hydrate those pores.

10) Sleeping Pack.

Of course, sunscreen and a good diet are important to skin care as well and should not be forgotten even if you start an in-depth skin care regimen.

With these products, you may be on your way to a blemish-free complexion even on the most stressful of exam days.

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