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Love it or Hate it, Freeman Hall is Not Going Anywhere

by Zoe Nolz

Despite the rumors of future replacement and renovation floating around Montclair State University, Freeman Hall is not only here to stay but is loved by many members of its community.

Due to the dorm’s old age and facilities, there has been a bit of talk among students regarding the building being renovated or even torn down in upcoming years. However, the Associate Director of Residential Support Services Kevin Schafer clarified that rumors of replacement are completely false.

“We have no plans right now to take down the building,” Schafer said. “The building will be there for as long as we know.”

Schafer also mentioned that upcoming renovations are possible.

“Renovations happen as we can, and as we have the budget to do so we’ll update the building ourselves,” Schafer said.

Freeman Hall was constructed in 1963 and has many art-oriented residents. The dorm has about 260 residents living on seven floors in suite-style layouts where residents typically share two rooms and a bathroom.

20190415_121753 edited.jpg

Freeman Hall is the home of the College of the Arts Learning Community as well as their own dining hall, featuring Balance Kitchen. Zoe Nolz | The Montclarion

Students acknowledged that the building’s facilities are not quite as up to date as some of the other dorms.

Regarding these issues, Freeman Hall resident Senior Raines, a sophomore music major, gave her opinion as well.

“I would give this dorm some AC and some better heating and a newer elevator,” Raines said.

Although Freeman Hall is known to be old, many residents said they were very happy to live there and enjoy its sense of community and close proximity to specific buildings.

20190326_115808 (1) edited.jpg

RA Sharon Skeahan works a desk shift at Freeman Hall. Zoe Nolz | The Montclarion

Sharon Skeahan, a senior public health major and resident assistant at Freeman, talked about her experience.

“I love being an RA in Freeman,” Skeahan said.

Due to its close location to Chapin Hall, Life Hall and other buildings for the arts, Freeman Hall has many social events and activities for people interested in art, theater, music and dance.

There are also some sections of the dorm and lounges where people can work on creative projects, encouraging like-minded students to socialize.

Skeahan explained why she loves Freeman despite its appearance.

“I think the community of residents in Freeman is really interactive and fun, and there’s always lots of fun events going on here,” Skeahan said.

20171207_215133 (1) edited.jpg

A Freeman hallway was decorated with lights during the holiday season. Zoe Nolz | The Montclarion

Freeman Hall also has nice views, according to residents.

“Freeman Hall is pretty cool. I like the view,” Raines said. “I live on the odd number side so I get to see the sunset, so I like that.”

Whether the pros outweigh the cons or not, Freeman Hall is here to stay – and the residents seemed to be happy with this.

“It’s a cool community here,” Raines said.


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