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Mad Style at Montclair State: A Fashion & Beauty Column

by Montclarion Feature

Montclair State student Nicole Faktorovich enjoys putting several coats on her
eyelashes. Photo by Carlie Madlinger

While bracing the wind at Montclair State, I noticed this distinct army green coat leaving the L. Howard Fox Studio Theater. Underneath the fur-trimmed hood was none other than Nicole Faktorovich.

“Fashion and beauty is something that has kept me sane and happy,” said Faktorovich. “It isn’t something that defines me, but is a way I can express myself every single day. I love how I can always do something different, whether it is on my face or on my body. Doing makeup or dressing up is something that has calmed me and shown my artistry; it’s my happy place.”

The senior, majoring in business administration with a concentration in international business, was unsure of what she wanted to pursue when she first began her studies at Montclair State.

However, Faktorovich had a revelation: “I picked the major that I thought would be the most practical. I thought, why not business? Traveling and exploring the world is also a passion of mine. I speak Russian fluently as well as some Spanish.”

Thinking of the long term, Faktorovich realized this degree would provide her with a plethora of opportunities.

“Beauty is definitely a field I would like to pursue,” she said. “A business degree is great to have to pursue a career and help to better understand this multi-billion-dollar industry. My dream is to one day create my own cosmetics company.”

This adoration for makeup and fashion has been growing since Faktorovich was a little girl.

“I have been playing dress up and painting my face at the earliest age I can remember,” she said. “I used to take my mother’s makeup when I was younger and put it on and hide it from my parents so they wouldn’t see me. Now, I still look forward to doing my makeup every day.”

Faktorovich finds that her fashion and makeup styles always change, but her fashion favorites tend to be edgy, and consist of a lot of black.

“It’s bold and stands out, which is how I want to be,” Faktorovich said. “I like to try new things and that is always being shown on my body or face by what I’m wearing. I have grown to be a confident person and my style [and] makeup shows that because I am not afraid to wear unusual looks. I like to look different than everyone else. I also like to set trends, not follow them.”

For makeup, Faktorovich said, “I have the same skin routine which is a very full-coverage look with contour, highlight, blush, etc. If I have a base on and don’t have time for full-out look, I will always have on some mascara and a lipstick or gloss.

“I love eyelashes, so several coats of mascara are necessary. I also love the look of full lips so lipstick is probably my favorite product to apply. When I’m wearing makeup, I feel naked without something on my lips. I think I have over 60 different lip products. For my eye looks, I usually go for warm-toned colors with a winged liner and full lashes.”

Faktorovich expressed her reasoning for putting together this look: “I always have loved black. It’s my favorite color (and blue). Cropped cigarette pants, especially jeans, are a favorite of mine right now. My ankles are cold, but it’s cute right? Plus it gives me the chance to show off my booties. I have a shoe problem.

“I love pairing the tight pants with a bigger top like a t-shirt or a sweater. It balances the look. Also having a full-face of makeup on with casual clothing gives me comfort while still feeling put-together.”

This ensemble is ideal, especially for a day full of classes at Montclair State. Winter can be a tough time for students to express their individualized style, however, this season doesn’t faze fashionista Faktorovich.

With a passion and unique style for both fashion and beauty, Faktorovich advises Montclair State students to “try out new things.” She continued, “You could be surprised on what you end up liking. Also, don’t be scared you can’t ‘pull something off.’ You can wear whatever you want, and you decide whether or not it looks good on you, not everyone else.”

Nicole Faktorovich wearing a edgy outfit with various vintage jewelry. Photo by Carlie Madlinger














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