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Montclair State Alumna Anna Azcona, “Reclama, Reclama, Reclama!”

by Diana Ortiz

Montclair State University alumna Anna Azcona went from walking the halls on campus to working the red carpet at events as a host of “La Musica.”

Since graduating in 2014, Azcona has become a content creator and digital on-air talent.

“Anna Reclama, Reclama, Reclama,” which translates to “Anna rants, rants, rants,” on “La Musica” has become her famous on-air line.

“La Musica” is a platform that airs well-known Spanish radio stations as well as provides music, videos and entertainment by Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS). Two years ago, Azcona started working at the SBS through a six-week program that integrated her into the company.

Since the company thought she would be the perfect fit based on her experience, they relocated her from Los Angeles to Miami to work on-air for the digital platform

“I got hired and it was only supposed to be a six-week project, basically developing a digital channel on the app,” Azcona said. “Never did I think this would lead me toward the job I have now.”

Being on the show gave her various opportunities to interview many well-known Latino artists, such as Romeo Santos, Chayanne, Karol G, J Balvin and others. Not only has she worked important carpets such as the Grammys, she has also been a guest at several award ceremonies. These include Latin Billboards, Premios Soberano, Premios Lo Nuestro and Premios Tu Mundo.

Later on, with the positive feedback from people who loved her videos, she started to bring artists to her show and even had publicists reach out to the studio to have them come and rant with her.

Montclair State University alumnus Anna Azcona is the host of her own show, “La Musica.”
Photo courtesy of Anna Azcona

After all of her success, Azcona describes her biggest challenge as not believing in herself fully but still finding a way to keep going.

“What can I do to be better,” Azcona said. “How am I going to be better? I’m constantly fighting with myself, and that’s not necessarily a bad challenge, because it keeps me going, but its something I struggle with.”

Azcona acknowledges the struggle she sometimes has but always looks for strength in herself.

“There are days I wake up and I just want to give up, and then there are days that I’m like, ‘Alright, come on, let’s go, let’s get this done,'” Azcona said. “Fighting that block, trying to block any negative thoughts, definitely has been a challenge for me.”

A close family friend of 15 years to Azcona and her family, Luis Torres, believes that even with her struggles, Azcona still maintains herself as a go-getter and risk-taker. Torres also described her as being inspiring, fearless and independent.

“No matter [which version of] Anna you get, she’s always in good spirits,” Torres said. “[She is a] woman of many talents, both behind and in front of cameras.”

Regarding the future, Azcona hopes to continue having her own show. However, she would love to become part of a TV network someday. She is currently the next big star in the making, hoping to make her dreams become reality.

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