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New Expectations For A New Semester

by Montclarion Feature

Alex L. Chang, a senior at Montclair State, is excited to be starting a new major this year and being able to interact with more people on campus. Photo By: Chanila German

Students at Montclair State are determined and motivated to set themselves up for a great fall semester and year as Montclair State University kicks off the Fall 2017 semester, each student has different expectations for the upcoming year. The MSU community is notorious for its different programs, events, and opportunities throughout campus, making many students heighten their expectations daily.

Whether one hopes to achieve success in the classroom, in their social life, on the field or in the professional world, the students on campus seem excited to set reasonable yet high expectations this fall and for the near future.

Entering her sophomore year as a psychology major, Mia Albert wants to learn more academically and how to use her time wisely.

“My expectation for this semester is to become more aware of what I want to do with my major and future job,” Albert said. “I also expect to learn better time management.”

Albert is not the only student who wishes to learn more academically. Jonathan Varano, another sophomore enrolled in the jurisprudence program, expects to gain life experience in the classroom. “I’d like to gain more experience with public speaking in order to be a better role model to my peers,” Varano said. “Maintaining high enough grades to stay put in the jurisprudence program is key.”

Transfer student Ricky Thompson wants to also boost his intellect as well as his social circle.

“Not only do I want to maintain a 4.0 GPA for the FBI honors internship, but I want to make new friends,” Thompson said. “Since I was not part of the Red Hawk community last year, I now have [many] high expectations socially. I even helped organize a new club on campus.”

Academics and sociability are important to many students. One athlete at Montclair State hopes the sociability aspect propels her team to excel on the court.               “I believe this year will be another great season in winning our conference and playing better as a team,” volleyball player Caitlin Aarts said. I expect to be more involved with the team as a family.”

Having such high expectations will only better the Red Hawk community academically, socially and athletically. Many do not want to make this year just another year in college, meaning student expectations will only continue to grow.

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