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Say Goodbye to Midnight Food Runs to Red Hawk Diner with New Dining Service Changes

by Amira Lawson

On a late night after enjoying an outing with friends, the closing of a late shift from work or a walk from your night class to your dorm, Montclair State University students may find themselves craving a meal from the university’s diner. That routine has come with some new limitations since the Red Hawk Diner is no longer open 24/7.

Carla Foster, a senior exercise science major, shared her discontent with this change.

“The Red Hawk Diner was the only place that was open 24 hours on campus. It was also the only place that students would be able to get all three meals in, specifically at any period of the day,” Foster said. “Taking that away takes away the opportunity of late-night breakfasts or early morning dinner cravings. They also took away that quiet, comfortable space for night owls to snack and work on homework without feeling anxiety to have to get up and go, due to the facility needing to close.”

Students that desire a late-night feast, whether it is because they are really hungry or could use a quick meal, tend to look for places to dine during quiet hours on campus. It’s unfortunate that students who have once depended on these food services to eat after hours are now at a loss. This affects residents who specifically purchased a meal plan because they don’t have access to food off campus the most.

Students weren’t made aware of these changes before purchasing their meal plans, and they have expressed that they would have considered choosing a cheaper meal plan if they were aware of the new limitations on their choices to eat at night. This has left some students feeling cheated by the new change.

Deshonna Williams, a senior child advocacy major, feels that Montclair State has taken something away from the students.

“[Montclair State] should consider compensating students in some way because with the diner no longer being 24/7 and other facilities closing early, it leaves students with less options to choose from,” Williams said.

The only late night food facility on campus available all week is Bistro 62, located in Machuga Heights.

Michael Isofia, a senior psychology major, explained that Bistro 62 is not a sufficient replacement of the diner.

“The diner should continue to be 24/7 because it offers a variety of foods throughout the night,” Isofia said. “Bistro has a limited menu.”

Julius Smith, a junior business major, thinks that this change has taken away a Montclair State landmark.

“One of the appeals of [Montclair State] was the fact that they have a variety of places to go and eat after a certain hour, and now it feels like [Montclair State] is kind of taking back on one of the appeals that has once been established at the university,” Smith said. “I just feel like it sucks that Bistro [62] will be the only thing available because it becomes repetitive. [Bistro 62] doesn’t give students the opportunity to switch it up.”

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