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Taylor Jenkins Reid’s ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ Takes the World by Storm

by Olivia Paez

“Daisy Jones and the Six” has rocked the world and stolen the hearts of readers since its release in March. Taylor Jenkins Reid transports her readers back in time to follow the rise and fall of an infamous rock band called Daisy Jones and the Six.

Written as an oral history, this story follows a series of interviews with band members, music critiques and other influential people who all have a story to share regarding the band’s legacy. It is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers and will make others wish they had seen this band live during the ’70s.

This entrapping tale is unlike any other. Reid manages to weave together sets of interviews which flow like a script rather than the traditional use of prose in fiction. By focusing solely on dialogue, it has the feel of an old rock-and-roll documentary centered around Daisy Jones, a reckless, young singer who joins an established rock-band, The Six. Together, Daisy and lead singer, Billy Dunne, compose the infamous songs on their hit album “Aurora.”

What shines brightest is Daisy’s vibrant and unforgettable personality. She is complex, strong-willed, confident and flawed in a way that makes her feel like a close friend sharing her life story. Because of her strong personality, she clashes with Billy who is a stubborn lead singer and songwriter as they work together to combine their unique styles to write an album full of songs reflecting personal issues in their own lives.

This isn’t simply a book centered around a fictional band’s rise and fall from fame. It explores the band members’ individual lives and how their personal issues affect how they perform on stage together.

Another interesting aspect of this story is the beautiful, haunting and lyrical songs Daisy Jones and the Six wrote along the way. The band members grapple with hidden relationships, their inability to have their voice heard in the process of evolving the band’s music, addiction, alcoholism and maintaining a traditional household while also being rock stars in a nuanced way that will leave readers in awe.

“Daisy Jones and the Six” is full of twists and turns, forbidden love, secrets behind closed doors and the cutthroat world of rock-and-roll. The interview style of the novel, music lyrics and band itself feels authentic enough that readers will be heartbroken once they realize they cannot simply search up Daisy Jones and the Six on Spotify to listen to their enigmatic album “Aurora,” which is the heart of this novel.

Reid takes her readers on an epic journey they will never want to end and is one they will think about long after it is over. This is one uniquely written story book lovers won’t want to miss.

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