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Weather Have You Confused? Fight Back

by Montclarion Feature

1stTop (left): Jersey Garden Mall. Tank: Dots. Pants: Forever 21. Necklace and shoes: Rainbow. Sweater (right): Thrift store. Dress: New York & Company. Necklace: Cookie Lee.

Mixing summer and fall pieces together is a great way to create fall outfits. Try repurposing summer dresses by adding cardigans over. Add matching boots socks and combat boots. Repurpose summer tops by pairing them with longer pants, like jeans or leggings. These are both more casual outfit ideas that help when you just can’t say goodbye to summer fashion while the sun is still shining.






2ndDress: thrifted. Jeans: H&M. Coat: Topshop. Hat and shoes: Forever 21.

If the sun is not shining and the wind is blowing strong, opt for warmer pieces. Sometimes summer pieces are fall ones in disguise that would never be put away, like jeans. Cuffed jeans are great with combat boots and keep you warm. Sweater dresses don’t always need to be paired with leggings, as jeans work fine as well. Layer over a warm jacket, throw on a fedora and you’re out the door.







3rdShirt and pants: Express. Shoes: DSW. Hat: Lids.

Accessories can also be repurposed in the fall, like hats and shoes. Both of these look great with fall specific pieces like khaki jeans and long sleeve shirts. You may want to put these aside when sweaters are needed, but while the sun is still out, they are golden.









4thTop: Forever 21. Leggings: Athleta. Boots: Charlotte Russe.

Short sleeve tops are another piece that can be transitioned through layering or just by themselves. Try going for darker colors rather than bright ones to fit the season. For a casual outfit, pair them with jeans or leggings. For a more formal look, tuck one into a skirt or layer it over a sweater dress for a unique outfit. Finish the look with your favorite fall boots.







5thDress and tights: H&M. Boots: Charlotte Russe.

Dark-colored dresses can be worn almost all year-round, but colors like dark blue, black, maroon and brown look especially great in the fall weather. If it’s cold, add tights and a cardigan. For another layer, try adding a collared top underneath for more warmth. If needed, accessorize with a beanie or scarf. For shoes, opt for boots or even sneakers.








6thDress: Forever 21. Cardigan: Old Navy. Shoes and socks: Sperry Topsider.

Dresses that aren’t a bright color can be transitioned with everyone’s favorite fall fashion word: layering. To make a bright colored dress more fall appropriate, layer over a darker color cardigan or coat. Add tights or knee socks to stay warm. As usual, boots and a beanie keep the look casual, but stylish.


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