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What’s Up With Your Breakfast?

by Montclarion Feature
Sam’s Place and Freeman Dinning Hall provide healthy breakfast choices for students.

Sam’s Place and Freeman Dining Hall provide healthy
breakfast choices for students.
Photo courtesy of Phil Lees (Flickr)

Breakfast is hands-down the most important meal of the day. Getting your nutrients in at the start of your day is vital if you want it to be a productive one.

As college students, we need to be attentive and alert throughout our day, with classes, work, extracurricular activities and so much more.

There are many different types of college students out there: the busy bees that are always on the run, the ones that have all the time in the world and enjoy sitting down for a relaxing breakfast and those that are a little of both. Don’t fret — if you’re reading this article, we’ve got tips for all of you.

Photo courtesy of AlivaPam (Flickr)

Photo courtesy of AlivaPam (Flickr)

For the busy bees out there:

Some quick and easy breakfast options include going to one of the dining halls and eating a bowl of cereal, because there aren’t really ever lines at the cereal bar and you can be out within 10 minutes.

If that is still too much time out of your day, grab a piece of whole wheat toast, spread some jam on it, and you are out the door, but don’t forget to grab one or two pieces of fruit before you leave.

For the sit-down folks:

Omelets are probably the go-to meal if you’re hitting Sam’s Place. You have a choice of whole eggs or egg whites, and to make this deal that much better, they have a long list of add-ins, ranging from spinach and onions to ham and bacon.

You can get pancakes or French toast at Freeman Dining Hall as well. Students have the option of getting a bowl of fresh cut fruit or grabbing an apple, banana or orange too.

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