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Campus Cat Finds Fur-ever Home

by Kylie Curry

It was a bittersweet moment for students when they found out that their fury peer, Misty, left campus and found a new home in November 2018.

Misty and Stormy, as well as numerous other cats and kittens who lived on campus, had their needs met by caretakers who worked 365 days a year to care for the cats.

One of Misty’s many fans, sophomore music therapy major Dane Wagner, will miss making the trek to interact with Misty on campus.

“Misty was such a wonderful addition to the campus at Montclair State University,” Wagner said. “It was worth the 60-step climb to see her.”

The cats who lived on campus are a part of a registered colony who were recognized by the Township of Montclair. These cats are known as community cats, who have lived outdoors and have been neutered, vaccinated and returned to the wild by people of the community.

An on-campus sign placed by University Hall alerts students of Misty’s adoption.
Kylie Curry | The Montclarion Photo credit: Kylie Curry

While the cats who inhabited the campus were in good hands, students were also involved in caring for Misty who is the last known community cat on Montclair State’s grounds.

Freshman accounting major Victor Funes as well as junior animation major Sloane Proenza were Misty’s student caretakers and ran the Instagram account, @oreo_msu.

“As a cat lover and someone who has taken care of a few cats over the years, I wanted to make sure she was okay but obviously without making her uncomfortable by getting her food and toys she may not like,” Funes said. “Instead, I just gave her some water and made sure any trash around her was thrown away.”

While it seemed that Misty was in good hands, Proenza recalled challenges that were faced.

“Summer was hot and if she didn’t get enough water, she could [have gotten] dehydrated and if she drank from puddles that possibly have oil from cars, she could [have gotten] sick,” Proenza said. “In the winter it was clear that her little house didn’t provide enough heat for her. I had seen her in the shed nearby. It was probably stressful for her to remain comfortable.”

Junior animation major Sloane Proenza, one of Misty’s student caretakers, poses in Calcia Hall.
Kylie Curry | The Montclarion Photo credit: Kylie Curry

Proenza had known Misty since 2016 and cared for her as well as countless others until her recent adoption in late November 2018.

While it is clear that Misty was loved by students and staff, Funes and Proenza believe her adoption was the best choice for her well-being.

“[Misty’s new owner] didn’t want her to suffer when the snow starts to hit and after that snow storm last month, it’s a good idea even if it meant parting with [Misty],” Funes said.

Freshman accounting major Victor Funes, one of Misty’s student caretakers, poses for a photo in the Student Center Quad.
Kylie Curry | The Montclarion Photo credit: Kylie Curry

To keep updated on Misty, visit @mistymontclair on Instagram for the latest news and pictures.

“I like to think [Misty] is happy,” Proenza said. “I have asked @mistymontclair to post updates on [Misty’s] well-being for everyone to see since they are the ones who actually adopted [Misty].”

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