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End of Semester Horrors

by Genesis Obando

It’s the end of the fall semester, which means some college students are singing, “It’s the Most Stressful Time of the Year” instead of the popular holiday tune.

The end of the semester commonly brings chaos and sleepless nights as students finish papers, work on important group projects and study for final exams with the holiday season on their minds.

For some students, they are experiencing the horrors of the end of the semester at a state university for the first time.

“It’s more hectic than a community college,” said sophomore humanities major Rohan Bains. “There’s too much work, you can’t focus sometimes, and I have a lot of assignments back-to-back.”

The freshman class is also experiencing the work overload and stress coming into December.

“I’m trying to keep up my GPA so next year I am able to declare a major,” said undeclared freshman Isabella Quinones.

Isabella Quinones (right) sits in Cafe Diem doing homework with a friend.
Genesis Obando | The Montclarion

Quinones plays softball, has a part-time job and is a full-time student. She says that it’s very hard trying to balance all three, but she prioritizes her schoolwork.

Many upperclassmen understand how overwhelming finals season can be and are more prepared. However, this doesn’t stop them from stressing.

“I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything,” said junior psychology major Esther Noel. “[The semester] goes by so fast. I have a lot of papers to do, and I haven’t even started.”

Zeinab Sleiman (left) and Esther Noel (right) sit in the School of Communication and Media doing homework.
Genesis Obando | The Montclarion

Noel’s friend, Zeinab Sleiman, said that their motivation for finishing this semester is the upcoming winter break and the holidays.

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