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Keeping Up With the SGA in 2019

by Sam Carliner

The Student Government Association’s (SGA) e-board has spent most of winter break on campus, working to get a head start on the spring semester.

Much of the time was spent preparing for big end of spring events such as senior week and the senior trip as well as setting up the election, which will happen toward the end of the semester.

With all four members of the current e-board planning to graduate soon, they hope to see many students running for the executive positions. They are also encouraging legislators to shadow the positions in order learn what it takes to run the SGA.

The SGA executive board meets with students and poses with an Instagram border prop at the organization fair.
Sam Carliner | The Montclarion

“We have [organizations] come and go, and there’s one representative that we really have a base with, and we know their name,” said Vice President Emma Rush. “We’re trying to find a process where everyone can access the information.”

Rush credited Treasurer Vincent Osei with much of the effort to strengthen communication among the organizations. Osei explained the benefit of being direct and transparent when communicating with organizations.

“It was more so being more forward with organizations, being more honest, being more open,” Osei said. “I think that’s one thing that they saw.”

The SGA executive board meets with students at the organization fair in the Student Center ballrooms.
Sam Carliner | The Montclarion

While Osei was working on better communication among organizations, Secretary Jillian Royal has been continuing to find ways to increase communication between the SGA and the larger student body, such as a publicity team.

“I’m excited to have that and to leave a legacy of some sort for the upcoming secretaries, so that they have a format to follow,” Royal said.

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