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Student Punched on Campus Shuttle

by Heather Berzak

According to a statement from Capt. Kieran Barrett of the Montclair State University Police Department, university student Terra Applegate struck another student in the side of the head while on a campus shuttle bus around 11 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 26.

The student who reported the incident intended to press charges for simple assault, but there are no charges in place at this time.

“It is now understood that the complainant did not file the charge as intended with the Little Falls Court,” Barrett said. “The complainant advised she would file charges and has yet to.”

Senior business major, Monserratt Rodriguez, says she would have jumped in and stopped Applegate had she been there to witness it.

“That’s just horrible,” Rodriguez said. “If I was witnessing that from the shuttle I would make her stop and help without a doubt.”

However, this incident does not intimidate Rodriguez from taking a campus shuttle going forward.

“Things happen but I trust there being a safe environment [a] majority of the time on the shuttle,” Rodriguez said.

Barrett stated that Applegate and the victim knew each other prior to the altercation.

Junior physical education major Jenna Gambino believes situations like these pose safety risks for surrounding students.

“A physical altercation should never occur on a college campus, especially in a moving vehicle full of students and professors,” Gambino said. “[But] this will not stop me from riding on the shuttle because it’s the most reliable source of transportation [at] Montclair State.”

Barrett further mentioned that this matter would also be referred to the university’s director of student conduct for disciplinary action.

A student waits outside of University Hall for a campus shuttle bus.
Anthony Gabbianelli | The Montclarion Photo credit: Anthony Gabbianelli

Senior English major Samantha Dellanno believes incidents like these can cause surrounding students more issues than just direct danger.

“The biggest concern would be timing and convenience,” Dellanno said. “If there’s fighting, damages and safety issues, then they shut down the shuttles or they have to stop. If I have to get to class or I’m in a rush, that could be an issue.”

University Director of Media Relations Erika Bleiberg confirms the information provided by Barrett regarding the investigation.

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