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World Students’ Day Brings Success to a Budding Campus Organization

by Genesis Obando

As midterm season approaches, the campus organization Justice for Education wanted to reward students for simply being students by holding World Students’ Day in the Student Center.

Students got a chance to enter in free raffles and win awesome prizes in baskets or gift cards. Two of the baskets included self-care items comprised of face masks and tea as well as a movie night basket with snacks and free movie tickets.

Junior justice studies major Cynthia Franco believed the raffle baskets were a great prize option.

“I think it’s a really good idea to make baskets because it’s mainly what college students need,” Franco said. “It’s [also] a good thing to get for free.”

Students line up to sign in for the event and get raffle tickets.
Genesis Obando | The Montclarion

Justice for Education primarily created the event so students could learn about their organization.

Their mission is to advocate for marginalized students in education, specifically students that have been historically mistreated. They also want to bring awareness and educate students on social justice in the education system.

President of Justice for Education Brittany Aponte wanted World Students’ Day to give students an opportunity to appreciate the privilege of education.

“Our main goal really was to just celebrate students because it is part of our identity,” Aponte said. “We just go to class, and we do what we have to do and forget that being a student is really important. That’s something that we can take for granted because not everyone has the right to education that we do here.”

Justice for Education, an organization in its third semester at Montclair State, held a World Students’ Day event to show appreciation for students on campus.
Genesis Obando | The Montclarion

Justice for Education is only in its third semester on campus as an organization, making it relatively new.

The raffles successfully brought a lot of attention to the club. They gave students incentive to follow them on Instagram and Twitter by offering two free raffle tickets for doing so.

Freshman psychology major Diamond Jordan believed the raffle-based marketing strategy worked for the organization.

Students were given raffle tickets for the chance to win different prizes and baskets.
Genesis Obando | The Montclarion

“I feel like it’s a good tactic,” Jordan said. “Students are definitely more interested and since we’re in college, if its free it’s for me.”

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