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Biannual Commuter Appreciation Week Kicks Off

by Hiral Patel

Megdouda Abada talking to Lateisha Exi about Voting Registration.                                                                                                                                      Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

The Office of Commuter Student Programs and Services is holding a week full of events for commuter students that began on Monday.

The events for Commuter Life Appreciation Week creates a strong community among the commuter students at Montclair State University by helping them connect with the campus.


Commuter Jonathan Varano enjoying Commuter Apprection Week.                                                                                                                                        Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

“I’m really excited that we’re celebrating the commuters,” said Mariel Pagan, the Director of the Center of Student Involvement. “They are such a large part of the population. I think that it’s a great way of letting in commuters who know that the school cares and does a lot of programs for them, and raises awareness of what we are doing for commuters.”

Pagan was outside the Student Center working at the desk for the National Voter Registration with the Bonner Leadership volunteers.


Rocky showing off his Red Bulls scarf at the Red Bulls event.                                                                                                                        Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

“I think the Commuter Appreciation Week is a good initiative for commuter students to feel less stressed about being a commuter because it makes us feel more a part of campus,” said 19-year-old junior Bonner volunteer, Claudonna Hewitt.

Free bagels and snacks were given out at Car Parc Diem on Monday.

Commuter student Jonathan Varano explained his thoughts on the giveaway. The 19-year-old political science major said it was well worth it, because Montclair State commuters deal with a lot of pressure through commuting, especially when it comes to parking.


Students playing soccer outside the quad.                                   Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

Other events included in the Commuter Life Appreciation Week are a free live concert hosted by the WMSC Radio Station, getting involved with Greek Life, Golf Kart Karaoke and wellness giveaways.


Students wait for their turn to fight against one another in an inflatable ring. Hiral Patel | The Montclarion

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