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February Shows Abundance of Laundry Thefts in Residence Halls

by Genesis Obando

Recently reported thefts are leaving many students concerned, especially residents. Between Feb. 4 and Feb. 11, seven theft reports were filed at the Montclair State University Police Department (UPD).

On Monday, Feb. 4, a resident reported theft in the first floor laundry room in Dinallo Heights. On Friday, Feb. 8, a laundry theft was also reported in the third floor laundry room in Fenwick Hall in The Village.

Other theft reports included stolen money at the Panzer Athletic Center and Sony headphones in Cafe Diem.

In December, a television was stolen in the Fenwick Hall lounge. According to Capt. Kieran Barrett from the Montclair State Police Department, that case is still being investigated.

Nicole Guillermo is a junior resident assistant and service assistant in Dinallo Heights. She said there have been multiple cases of laundry theft in the laundry rooms.

Nicole Guillermo, and RA in Dinallo Heights, stands in the Dinallo laundry room, where laundry theft has been reported.
Genesis Obando | The Montclarion

“I’ve been hearing so much about [laundry theft] in Dinallo,” Guillermo said. “I feel like we’re used to it now.”

Guillermo said that since laundry theft has happened so much, Dinallo Heights residents have taken matters into their own hands. Guillermo and other residents will stay in the laundry room the entire time in order to avoid having any of their laundry stolen.

Sophomore biology major Ashley Almanzar said she heard the majority of theft happens in Dinallo Heights and Machuga Heights laundry areas.

“I think that we should have hidden cameras in the laundry area and if something does occur, then we have the evidence on tape,” Almanzar said. “Not only in the laundry area but all over campus, so if this situation happens, then we have backup [evidence] to find the person.”

Barrett said there is no fluctuation or increase in incidents of reported theft.

“At the end of the year, and also monthly, we look at any trends or hot spots that may come up from time to time,” Barrett said in an email statement. “We tend to see theft on-campus as crimes of opportunity where rooms or vehicles are left unsecured.”

Guillermo said she advises her residents, and students in general, to be mindful of their personal belongings in open areas.

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