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Montclair State Professor Helps Families of 9/11 Victims

by Jenna Sundel

Arnold Korotkin, a sociology professor at Montclair State University, helps families of 9/11 victims by sending out daily emails with news and other resources.

His mission, known as the 9/11 List-serv, began with one woman who said she stopped paying attention to the news after the loss of her husband on 9/11.

“This woman said she stopped listening to the news or reading the paper and I basically said there’s information and resources of services and things that are available for 9/11 family members. I’m going to send you on my personal email some information on a regular basis, open it when you want it or just delete it,” Korotkin said.

Korotkin is unsure of how many people are currently on the list, but at one point there were about 5,000 people. He believes his sociological background is what compelled him to help these families.

“As a sociologist and community organizer I’ve always believed in empowering citizens by providing information and resources,” Korotkin said.

Korotkin’s work has also introduced him to organizations in the 9/11 community trying to make a difference, including the World Trade Center Families for Proper Burial and the Skyscraper Safety Campaign.

“There [are] many positives that have come out as a result of the tragic event of 9/11,” Korotkin said.

Korotkin says that students should take advantage of the many service opportunities in their communities.

“I think it’s important to give back in society, whether you’re young or old,” Korotkin said.

Bryanna Rosario, a sophomore English major, appreciates the service that Korotkin is providing to the 9/11 community.

“I don’t know him personally, but I’m so grateful for him and his services,” Rosario said. “I am proud of his contributions towards helping in 9/11.”

Carmen Grandovic, a senior history major, says Korotkin is doing important work to help families affected by 9/11.

“I really like [Korotkin’s] initiative and I think it’s a perfect way to help those affected in the attacks,” Grandovic said. “I commend him for his service and give him a lot of respect.”

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