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Montclair State Students Push Through the First Week of Online Classes

by Jeremy Wall

Montclair State University recently announced that all classes will be moved online due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. After an extended spring break, students finally resumed classes through online instruction this past week.

From now until the end of the semester, students will be learning through video conferencing services such as Zoom, Skype and the Canvas conference tool, while others will continue with online assignments.

Jack Zhang, a senior visual arts major, would rather learn in person, but believes these are the best options for the time being.

“It’s reasonable for the safety of the students,” Zhang said. “I’d rather learn face-to-face, but during times like this, it’s the best call.”

For others like Francesca Lupo, a senior criminal justice major, taking online classes is completely normal, since she has been doing it for a while.

“It’s not much of a change for me,” Lupo said.

Not everyone is enjoying the online learning. For Alyssa Petry, a senior science major, learning online is difficult for her major.

Alyssa Petry, a senior science major, is having a difficult time taking biology courses online.
Photo courtesy of Alyssa Petry

“It’s definitely been a challenge and a big transition, especially when it comes to big classes such as biology,” Petry said.

In addition to having their classes online, graduation postponed and having to vacate the university early, seniors are feeling the most pain because for many, this would be their final semester learning in a classroom.

Giulia Santisi, a senior psychology major was heartbroken after finding out she would have to stay off the campus entirely.

“The thing that makes it more upsetting is that I was in a Montclair [State] classroom for the last time and didn’t even know it,” Santisi said.

Santisi enjoyed the face-to-face setting for the classes that she picked this semester, but feels that some classes, such as group art therapy, are difficult to convert to online learning.

Giulia Santisi, senior psychology major, did not know that her last time on campus as a student was before leaving for spring break.
Photo courtesy of Giulia Santisi

“I understand we can’t control what is happening in the world and Montclair [State] did the right thing,” Santisi said. “But it is really hard to accept these abrupt changes.”

Hannah Floyd, another senior psychology major, is facing a similar issue.

“This transition has been incredibly difficult,” Floyd said. “Having to take six classes online when I was accustomed to learning face-to-face will be a challenge.”

Students that are nursing majors are facing some of the most devastating complications. Breana Vaughn, a junior nursing major, explains why it is so hard to take a nursing class online.

“It has been extremely difficult trying to get ‘real-life’ clinical experiences that we would get in the hospital, [from] online,” Vaughn said. “The workload has increased significantly.”

Despite the challenges online learning brings, it is not stopping students from trying their hardest. Nicole Majewski, a senior marketing major, is trying to get through each day while continuing her classes.

“It’s definitely different and this whole thing is crazy,” Majewski said. “I’m just trying to make the best out of my classes and get through this crazy time.”

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