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New Payment System Offers Privacy, Payees, Live Updates For Tuition Bills

by Kevin Saez
Photo Credit: Kristen Bryfogle

There is a new, 24/7 online payment system for Montclair State. Photo Credit: Kristen Bryfogle

In response to student requests, the Office of Student Accounts at Montclair State University has launched a new online payment system to provide the necessities for fast and easy bill payment and accessible student account history. To increase the efficiency and convenience of its web-based billing system, the university has added features such as 24/7 payment and updates as well as the ability to add a “payee.” The new system is already fully functional and will be applied beginning this fall term.
The most significant change to the payment system permits students to add “payees” – authorized users who are given the ability to review account activity and make payments. Each authorized user will receive an individualized username and password along with their own personal profile on the account.
The new system protects the privacy of all users by restricting the student and any authorized users from viewing each other’s saved payment methods, including credit card information. If a student no longer wants an individual to be granted access to the account, that authorized user can be removed by the student at any time.  Payees may be added or removed by logging onto WESS and clicking the “Authorized User” link in the “My Account” menu.
Another addition allows credit card and electronic check payments to be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those payments will immediately be reflected in the student’s account balance on WESS as well.  Real-time updates now allow students to check their balance at any time, as well as view any recent account activity since their last statement.
While the old system required students to check WESS for new bills applied to their account, the updated system sends out email notifications when a new bill becomes active. Therefore, enrolled students received an email when the tuition bill for the Fall 2015 semester was issued on July 28.  Each student should be aware that a late-fee will be applied to any payments made after September 14.
Rajhon White, a senior Organizational Communication major, said, “These changes are very beneficial because they are happening in real time. Bill changes have the opportunity to be taken care of immediately and it sounds like it’s more accessible and user-friendly. It’s like a bank app!”
Keelin O’Connor, a fifth-year Mathematics major with a concentration in Statistics, said, “It allows more control for the student to limit or increase what their parents have access to.”
The new online payment system can either be accessed through the Student Account page on WESS or directly at montclair.edu/online-payment. The added features and services are now available for student use.

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