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Publishing Companies Capitalize on Students as ‘Captive Consumers’

by Montclarion News
Photo courtesy of Twitter

Photo courtesy of Twitter

A sudden influx of textbook price-related tweets has caused the student body to lend more attention to the inflation of prices of textbooks at the campus bookstore.

Many turn to the popular Twitter page @montclairprobs to voice opinions and complaints, hoping others agree as well.

Our students are expressing their frustrations by telling their own experiences where this problem has been a direct issue in their lives. For example, twitter user @MoskittheGreat (Mubashir Hassan) shared that he paid “nearly $600 for two books” for two classes where the professors made it clear that they would not be using the textbook very often, but it is a mandatory purchase nonetheless.

This issue is prominent in universities all around the United States, it is not specific just to our student body.
Students can only hope these pricing standards reach such an all time low, returning to the days in 1977 when the price of four 2016 edition textbooks could pay for your annual tuition in its entirety.

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