Spaghetti Social and Trivia Bowl Event Students Use their Noodles to Find the Answers


Published February 2, 2017
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The Montclarion
The RecBoard was happy with the event combination. Photo Credit: Rebecca Tash
The RecBoard was happy with the event combination. Photo Credit: Rebecca Tash

The RecBoard was happy with the event combination.
Photo Credit: Rebecca Tash

Friday night, the RecBoard held the Spaghetti Social event open to all students on campus.

This event was not the first pasta pow-wow, however, it was the first time the Trivia Bowl was incorporated.
Tables fitted with Red Hawk red tablecloths were set up on one of the basketball courts in the Student Recreation Center along with a projection screen and buffet line. Students were encouraged to bring their appetites and brush up on their trivia for an opportunity to win a T-shirt.
At the check-in line students had to present IDs to members of the organization in order to get into the event.
They supported attendees going back for seconds and thirds. There was plenty of pasta to go around.
Spaghetti and meatballs were served along with tossed salad and rolls. Students had a mix of options, however, freshman theater studies major Sarah Parlapiano professed her opinion about only having one choice of pasta
“I was hoping for shells. Those are my number one fave. The texture of spaghetti makes me very upset,” she said.
While people ate, those on the RecBoard created groups for trivia, counted votes and announced each correct answer to eventually determine the winner. Students could be seen intermittently running to the front of the room in an effort to beat other groups out.
Stephen Blazejowski, the president of RecBoard, was satisfied with the cohesion of the two events.
“We combined our trivia bowl event with the spaghetti social,” he explained. “We were excited because it’s a pop-up event. [Overall] we had about 75 people come out.”
The evening concluded with Parlapiano’s team winning the coveted T-shirt, however the prize was received with a thud, followed by freshman Brenna Fitzmaurice, a computer science major, humming a melancholy tune when the fresh apparel landed directly on her sauce-filled plate. Despite this tragedy, the girls kept an optimistic attitude for even having won at all.

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