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Students May not Vote in Upcoming Governor’s Election

by Christina Urban

Students at Montclair State University seemed indifferent and did not have strong opinions about who should replace governor Chris Christie in the New Jersey Governor’s race this year.

Three students said they did not watch the first governor’s debate Tuesday night.

“I’ve heard good things about Phil,” said Celeste Teodosio, a junior television and digital media major, referring to Phil Murphy, the democratic candidate.

Teodosio and fellow junior television and digital media major Andrew Amiano are both registered democrats. Teodosio mentioned a problem when talking about the election.

“I was going to vote, but then I moved. Now, I don’t know where to go to vote,” said Teodosio.

Melissa Townsend talked about some of the issues she feels New Jersey needs to address. She mentioned that President Trump’s proposal to raise property taxes is “going to hit New Jersey hard” as the state has very high taxes compared to the rest of the country.

The first debate between Murphy and Guadagno took place last night in Newark. They debated on topics such as property taxes, gun safety, education and the environment.

Many students felt indifferent due to inability to vote. Some students were not registered to vote at all, some because they recently immigrated to the United States.

Ph.D. student Debasmita Basu did not watch the debate. She’s from India and therefore not registered to vote. Basu feels she is not familiar with the United States’ government system, but she would like to see a democrat in office because she appreciates the diversity in New Jersey.

“People are coming here for jobs, but not getting involved with improving the city,” said Basu. She referred to her previous residence in Newark, N.J., and feels people should be more active in contributing to New Jersey.

“I can’t vote, so I’m not following,” said Valentina Becerra, a junior Spanish major. She believes Christie didn’t “make the right choices” for New Jersey. She wants a democrat for governor to counteract Trump’s ideals.

“I just think it’s better,” said Becerra.

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