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University College Allows Students to ‘Crash-a-Class’

by Emely Alba

Montclair State University students now have the opportunity to sit in a classroom of their choice for a day thanks to a program created by University College called Crash-a-Class.

Academic Program Coordinator of University College Bobby Serrani wants to ensure that students of the university are having the best experiences, not only outside the classroom but inside as well.

“We wanted to do something to tie in with the in-class experience so that’s where Crash-a-Class came from,” Serrani said. “Students can get the inside feel of what it’s like inside the major from inside the classroom.”

The Crash-a-Class program first started in October 2018 during the Academic Exploration Week. The program will run March 18 through March 29.

Another member of University College who is assisting students signing up is Academic Program Coordinator Amanda Cosenza who thinks that Crash-a-Class is a great opportunity for pre-majors as well.

“[The professors] opened up their sections of classes to allow for our pre-major students to sit in a lecture where they normally wouldn’t have that opportunity,” Cosenza said. “We have sections in the School of Education, biology and even [the] School of Communication [and Media].”

According to Cosenza, the Crash-a-Class program is also highlighting new majors on campus, such as the medical humanities major.

Professor of Classics and General Humanities Dr. Mary English opened up her section of beginning Greek II feels the Crash-a-Class program is giving students the chance to be more open about certain courses.

Dr. Mary English lectures her class on positive, comparative and superlative comparisons in the Greek language.
Emely Alba | The Montclarion

“In the broadest sense I think it’s a great opportunity for students to come to observe classes and preview the material or subjects they would like to take next semester,” English said.

As a result of this program just becoming available at the beginning of the academic year, some students wish it had been available prior to declaring their major.

Freshman classics major Alyssa Tkac is taking beginning Greek II and feels this program could have helped her understand her major.

“I think it’s a really good idea because when I came to Montclair State, I came in as a classics major,” Tkac said. “I have never taken any classes in classics, so I went in not knowing what to expect.”

Academic Program Coordinator Amanda Cosenza works at her desktop looking at the Hawk Sync page for University College.
Emely Alba | The Montclarion

Aside from assisting in major selections, Crash-a-Class is useful in helping students experience certain electives in order to choose a minor and fulfill credit requirements or major-elective requirements.

Senior classics and Latin double major Andrew Maciolek feels like Crash-a-Class could have assisted him in choosing his minor.

“I wish that I could have sat in on courses instead of taking general education courses. I would have used my electives better,” Maciolek said. “This would have led for me to choose a minor quickly.”

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