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University Installs Electric Car Charging Stations in Campus Parking Garages

by Carly Henriquez

Montclair State University recently announced a new implementation of electric vehicle charging stations that are now available in the Red Hawk Deck and Carpe Diem parking garages.

Montclair State’s official news site posted a statement on Thursday, March 28, addressing the new rules and regulations in which all faculty, students and visitors must abide by when operating the stations.

Assistant Facility Manager of Parking Services JC Scull spoke on the behalf of the pricing for the new charging ports here on campus.

“In the Red Hawk Deck, you would pay for the time you’re here,” Scull said. “The electric charging stations have its own charge, you would have an account with the company and, if I’m correct, it’s Charge Point.”

Charggingggggggg edited.jpg

Charge Point is an electric company that provides the power for the usage of electric stations.
Carly Henriquez | The Montclarion

According to the facility news update letter, the cost of charging a vehicle is $0.25 per hour and vehicles should only be charged in an EV space for up to four consecutive hours.

If your vehicle remains charging longer than four hours, the cost of charging will increase to $2 per hour.

Junior television and digital media major Steven Vasquez believes it is important for Montclair State to deliver more environmentally friendly services on campus.

“I think it’s great. You have more options for electric cars. If I had an electric car, I would love to park and be able to charge my car at the same time,” Vasquez said. “It saves me more money on my own electric bill.”

Car Using the Station edited.jpg

An electric car uses the new charging stations on campus.
Carly Henriquez | The Montclarion

Scull mentions some of the further benefits of having charging stations on campus.

“All funds go to Montclair State University. The charge station company always has their own charges to it, I imagine it’s God knows how many cents,” Scull said. “[Either way] the funds from any amount that a person pays for charging their car there goes to Montclair State University, which pays for that electricity amount.”

Scull continued to talk about the moving vehicles being more green.

“It’s more of a green functionality to it,” Scull said. “Individuals are moving toward more electric vehicles, including this campus [since it’s] trying to be more green.”

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