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Welcome to the Family, Pigtail and Corvus

by Rebecca Serviss

Two new Amazon lockers were installed outside of Bohn Hall and Hawk Crossings last week, allowing easier access to them for students all over campus.

The additional lockers, which are named Pigtail for Bohn Hall and Corvus for Hawk Crossings, were installed to extend the delivery service to residents living in buildings farther away from the original three located by Machuga Heights, Freeman Hall and Sinatra Hall.


Pigtail is one of the new Amazon lockers on campus, located outside of Bohn Hall.
Rebecca Serviss | The Montclarion

When ordering on Amazon, customers can select the locker delivery option to be able to pick up packages whenever they please. When the package is delivered, they receive a code to open up the locker it was left in.

Since the original trio made their debut in November, their popularity has grown tremendously.

According to Lavone Broxton, the assistant director of postal services at Montclair State University, more than 2,000 packages have been delivered to the lockers so far. A February report shows each locker’s use increasing, ranging from eight to 26 percent, with numbers still on the rise.

Broxton said that the new lockers were placed outside of the buildings because of the available space. He expects that students will become more aware of the lockers and learn how to use them.

Some students have not used the service yet because of the distance it takes to walk to the other three locker locations. Some students even forget about the new delivery option on campus, including Bohn Hall resident Carly Solomon, a freshman family science and human development major.

“To be honest, I typically just forget that we have [Amazon Lockers on campus],” Solomon said.

Another Bohn Hall resident and sophomore marketing major Jack Johnson thinks that it was about time one was placed outside of his dorm so he doesn’t have to travel as far.

“It kind of just popped up out of nowhere and I’m happy with it,” Johnson said.


Workers assemble Pigtail outside of Bohn Hall.
Rebecca Serviss | The Montclarion

Other residents are also excited about the extension of the delivery service and are ready to try it out, including sophomore television and digital media major Emily Smith. Smith lives in Dinallo Heights and also uses the locker in Machuga Heights to retrieve her packages. She is looking forward to using one without having to go too far.

“I’m really excited about the Amazon Lockers coming to Hawks [Crossings] because I’m going to be living in Hawks next year,” Smith said.

According to Broxton, plans for placing more lockers around campus are still up in the air.

“There might be a possibility [to place lockers in other areas] in the future, but for now we wanted to focus on placing them near the residence halls,” Broxton said.

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