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24/7 Trump Media or Actual News?

by Sunah Choudhry

As many college students struggle to get their homework done, socialize and eat three meals a day, it can be tough to find time to turn on our televisions and stay in touch with what is going on in the world. However, there is one name we continue to see pop up on every single channel or social media platform: Donald J. Trump.

It is already tough enough to find time to watch television. It gets tiring to see the same news story on TV about Russian collusion or President Trump being accused of having an affair with a pornographic actor. It seems like broadcasting companies have become lazy with their reporting because of Trump’s constant media attention rather than local news.

The industry feeds off of Trump’s every move. They continue to put his name in every single headline, even though he is such an unconventional president and person in general. At a certain point, you would think that the broadcasting companies such as CNN, NBC and Fox would care about their audience. Seemingly, they do not.

Just two weeks ago in South Carolina, an Amtrak train derailed causing two people to be killed and around 100 people to be injured. The headline only lasted for a few hours and then it went right back to Trump. An event like that, where people were actually killed, was pushed off the air because of what Trump may have tweeted or done within the administration.

Are Trump’s tweets really that important? Do companies like CNN, NBC or Fox need to have immediate coverage when the president decides to twiddle his fingers on his smartphone screen? When will it stop?

As most of the media coverage focuses on Trump, I have started to wonder why he keeps adding on to the mess that he has already created. It is simple: he loves the attention and feeds off of it.

Just like how the more attention we give a child or the more we spoil the child, the more it wants, the same thing is true for Trump. The more the media pays attention to his meaningless tweets, the more he will want to attack the media. He already has his presidency as a platform, why give him another that makes his voice even more powerful?

The Florida school shooting was one of the few events recently that was covered by news organizations not pushed off air because of Trump. It actually stayed on air because of the reoccurring problem that remains relevant in this country: gun control. In the aftermath of the shooting, the younger generation and its victims spoke up about the injustices of this country and how it is time for everyone to speak up for what we believe in.

For a change, I want to see a headline that does not involve Trump. Let us focus on the news that involves the people of our country rather than on someone who has been accused of sexual harassment and rape and who is supposedly “leading” us by reading off of a teleprompter.

No longer will the younger generation sit back and accept the irrelevant media coverage of a man who does not represent the entire country.

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