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A Day in the Life of a Commuter Student

by Jesse Sanzari

Commuting to college is not an easy task, let me tell you. Being a freshman, I have had to adjust to college life and a college schedule all while battling the relentless Route 80 traffic on my drive to school everyday. Most mornings, I wake up in a huff, dress quickly and hoping to spare enough time to grab a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts before my 20-minute drive to Montclair State University.

My typical day begins with the shrill sound of my iPhone alarm clock waking me up from a sound sleep at 6:30 a.m. or 8:30 a.m., depending on the class that day. I check the weather to make sure I am prepared for what Mother Nature has in store for me that day. If it is raining, I make sure to take an umbrella. If it is snowing, I throw on my snow boots. I hustle to school, battling the traffic and make it to Montclair usually cutting it close and rushing to class, red faced and overwhelmed.

Do not get me started on the parking situation. Although usually my own fault due to poor time management on any given day, CarParc Diem can be a nightmare when you need a spot and have to frantically ride up and down the eight level garage panicking that you will be late to class.

I have improved my time management skills considerably and that is a part of being a commuter. You must make adjustments to your routine to make the day run smoothly. Make sure that you always give your self ample time to find parking. I have discovered that time management is key to being a successful commuter student.

Being a commuter student does have plenty of benefits. I enjoy leaving campus after a long day of classes and heading home for some relaxation. I believe that most commuter students are dedicated and driven to succeed because of the effort it takes to attend college. Unlike high school, in college, commuter students come from many different counties in New Jersey and must plan ahead to make for a smooth commute.

After class on the days where I am on campus, I make sure to stop by the Student Center to see if there are any events going on. I believe that commuter students must be proactive and attend events, joins clubs and get involved to make the most of the college experience.

It is especially important for commuters to pay attention to the Red Hawk News emails because they list events and campuswide activities for all students to get involved in. The Commuter Street Team is a great way for commuters to get the most out of their experience here at Montclair State. Events are always going on.

Furthermore, as a commuter student, I can honestly say that I am fully involved with my college experience. I have learned how to successfully adapt to a new schedule and have made adjustments to succeed both academically and socially. I wish the same for all you commuters here at Montclair State.

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