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American Conservatives:The Ideology of Acceptance

by Aj Melillo

For far too long, conservatives have had to deal with rampant attacks from the left and the media, claiming they are sexists, racists and bigots. These types of attacks are morally repulsive over-generalizations that are vastly untrue. Simply put, it is impossible to be bigoted and truly conservative.

There are Republicans who are bigoted, just like there are Democrats and Independents who are. But if you are racist, sexist or bigoted in any way, then you do not believe in true conservative values and are thus unqualified to be called “conservative.”

The fact of the matter is, in the United States of America, those on the conservative side of the aisle believe in conserving the founding documents of the U.S. Documents with such statements as, “all men are created equal” and “we hold these truths to be self-evident.”

When Thomas Jefferson wrote this line, he knew the U.S. would eventually progress to a point at which women and people of color would be included in his use of the word “men.”

These basic tenets are the very foundation of all the beliefs that modern conservatives share. One cannot simultaneously believe that all men are created equal, endowed by their creator with inalienable rights and be a racist, sexist bigot.

Conservatives believe that all Americans, regardless of race, religion, sex or gender, are to be awarded the same rights given under the U.S. Constitution. They believe in these great texts sacredly and live their lives according to the values held within them.

Conservatives in the U.S. believe that every citizen should be afforded the same opportunities for success. Provided they are willing to work hard and push forward against inevitable adversity, they believe that every American citizen can achieve it.

They believe in the American dream, in which a person can come from modest beginnings and become an extreme success, such as Steve Jobs or Barack Obama. It does not matter what you look like, provided that you always work hard and push for excellence.

The myth that conservatives are bigoted has time and time again been disproven by studies and anecdotal examples. In a study by the Yale School of Management, it was concluded white liberals actually present themselves as less competent when they are speaking to people of color.

The study showed conservatives talk to everyone the same way. Meanwhile, white liberals were more likely to speak to minorities using less “competent” words in an attempt to “match” what they expect their audience might want to hear. This is clear bigotry, something former President George W. Bush speechwriter, Michael Gerson, calls the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

A famous example happened only a few years ago when twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke in an interview on a black radio station and said one thing she carries with her all the time is “hot sauce,” to the bewilderment of the hosts.

In another speech in front of minority potential voters, Clinton quoted Reverend James Cleveland, saying, in a poorly attempted black accent, “I don’t feel in no ways tired.”

This type of pandering is something that is not seen when conservatives are speaking with minorities. The idea that a person of color is not as smart as a white person is subconsciously more present by those on the left than those on the right and is a clear indicator there is less bigotry in the minds of those on the conservative right.

On an anecdotal perspective, take a look at YouTube talk show host Dave Rubin. Rubin is a gay, pro-choice, pro-marijuana former leftist who walked away from the left. He classifies as a classical liberal and often talks about how much more accepting the right is than the left.

If conservatives are so homophobic, why would they accept Rubin with open arms? It seems clear to me that provided one believes in the basic creeds of our country, that all men are created equal and hard work and determination will get you further in life, then one will be accepted by the American conservative right.

There are some bigoted people in America, on both sides of the political aisle and between, but at the end of the day it is impossible to be a true conservative and a bigot.

If you believe in the ideals that were written in the U.S. Constitution and you want to conserve the core tenets that the U.S. was built upon, then you are welcomed by the conservative movement regardless of your race, sex or creed.


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