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Are Networks Getting Lazy?

by Kyle Kulikowski

If you have not noticed yet, more and more TV networks are rebooting some of their audiences’ favorite programs from the past. From “American Idol” to “Roseanne,” TV shows of all genres are getting rebooted left and right.

There were definitely many viewers who were thrilled upon learning about some of the shows being rebooted — others, not so much. While it is awesome that these TV networks are bringing back many fan favorites, it creates this question of whether or not these networks are getting lazy.

Understandably, it takes a lot of work to meet viewers’ expectations for program returns. However, with countless TV programs already being rebooted, why not create new, original content for your audience?

Now, we have MTV bringing back its hit reality show, “Jersey Shore.” Reboots like this often attract so much attention because people want to be updated. People want to know about the cast. Where are they now, what do they look like and answers to questions they never got when the series had originally ended are all revealed with these reboots.

Rebooting older programs and creating new spin-offs is actually a great tactic for these TV networks to gain higher ratings and viewership. These reboots not only bring in numerous returning fans but a whole new audience that have gained interest in a show’s reboot. For example, “Boy Meets World” was an extremely popular show and years later, Disney Channel created a whole new series based on it called “Girl Meets World,” which brought older and newer audiences together.

In an effort to add a bit of a spin to these old hit shows, many of the networks have created new spin-offs. For example, remember “Full House?” Now there is a Netflix series called “Fuller House.” How about “That’s So Raven?” Disney Channel has since created a brand new series called “Raven’s Home.”

These TV programs have gone beyond just reboots or even spin-offs. Disney Channel has recently been creating a series of live action remakes of hit films, such as “The Jungle Book” and “Beauty and the Beast.” These live remakes allow the company to reach a new generation that was not around when the films were originally made.

While it is extremely exciting to find out that one of your favorite shows is being rebooted, you have to wonder when is it enough. Some of these reboots were once classics that had high ratings, so it is a risk to bring these programs back. Whether or not the show will be as popular as it once was or flop is a huge concern. Viewers do not want these networks ruining programs that were so great and once had such a good run.

Even though “American Idol” did well for such a long time, now there is “The Voice,and many other singing competition shows, which definitely give “American Idol” a run for its money.

It is questionable whether or not it is truly in the networks’ best interests to continue bringing back these older programs.

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