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Balling Cory Booker

by Aj Melillo

Sen. Cory Booker knowingly broke Senate rules on Sept. 6 by releasing 10 confidential emails belonging to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. His purpose was to try to prove that Kavanaugh was pro racial profiling while serving in the Bush administration. Entranced by the fact that he “broke the rules,” Booker said he was willing to be kicked out of the Senate because the people deserved to see these documents.

Too bad for balling Booker though. The Republicans beat him to the punch and released the emails hours before Booker did, thus rendering his Spartacus moment obsolete.

There were many problems with Booker’s clear attempt at stealing the national spotlight. First, Booker knew that the emails in question were released by the Republican heads of the Senate Judiciary Committee before he released them. Thus making his heroic stand on Capitol Hill a pathetic attempt at national fame.

The second blunder made by Booker was the fact that the emails that he released to the public undermined his argument against Judge Kavanaugh. Booker was trying to show that Kavanaugh was working to allow racial profiling after 9/11 while working for the Bush administration. However, the fact was that the emails proved the exact opposite. In one of the released emails, Kavanaugh refers to himself as “race-neutral” concerning security methods.

Kavanaugh, clear as day, says he supports a race-neutral system, and that they have to figure out sooner rather than later how to implement one. As a reminder, these emails are in reference to Transportation Security Administration policy after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

It is almost as if Booker did not even read the emails. It is like he saw the subject line which reads “racial profiling” and assumed that Kavanaugh was talking about why racial profiling is a good thing, which is clearly not true if you read the emails.

Booker wants to be the president of the United States and is clearly going to run in 2020. The only reason that Booker is doing this is because he wants the national spotlight. It is not because he cares about the voting populace but because he cares about himself. He wants to be kicked out of the Senate so that he can go down as a martyr. If he actually cared about the people of this country and this state he would appoint Kavanaugh, who is an extremely qualified judge and is deserving of the Supreme Court seat.

Kavanaugh is an originalist before he is a conservative. This means he puts the Constitution above all else and will rule accordingly, not based on his personal political opinion. He is a man who believes firmly in the precedent on the courts, including cases like Roe v. Wade. The only reason why Democratic senators will not vote for him is because he is a nominee made by President Donald Trump. It is pure partisan hackery that is preventing a great originalist judge from being on the highest court in the land.

Booker should be ashamed of this partisan attempt to ruin a good man’s reputation and career. The Democrats in Congress need to move past their unnecessary hatred for our duly elected president, and Kavanaugh should be voted into the Supreme Court. We should all take his example by putting the Constitution first and partisan politics second.

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