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Bikes Galore!

by Sunah Choudhry
Credit to Therese Sheridan

Students can safely leave their bikes locked to bike racks around campus. Therese Sheridan | The Montclarion

Recently, Montclair State University introduced a new program that brings something new for both commuters and residents to do on campus. The new bike rental program allows students to rent and ride a bike on campus for a week at a time and offers extra tools from the Student Recreation Center to ensure safety for the student and their bike. The bikes come with front and rear lights, a lock, cell phone holder and a helmet. By being able to go outside more often on nice summer days where the sun is glowing, Montclair’s new bike program will allow students to become more active and get some fresh air.

As a commuter student, I think this is a great addition to Montclair State’s campus. This semester, I have a five hour gap in between classes on Tuesdays where I usually just sit on a chair in the Rathskeller cafe and stare at my laptop screen trying to finish up an assignment. Even in between assignments, my brain gets fried so I look for something to do. I almost always turn to Netflix, but now the bike program has given me an even better alternative. With the rental bikes on campus, I can ride around campus and become more active instead of being lazy. I can just grab a bike on campus and ride around to clear my head and enjoy the sun beaming on my skin for an hour or two.

I usually like working out outside since it gets really bleak while working out inside. I like enjoying the fresh air while the sun and the wind hits my body as I work out. I love the feeling of the wind pushing my hair behind my ears. It’s a euphoric feeling. It’s important to get outside and enjoy the nice weather while we have it, because we all know how Montclair State can become a wind tunnel once winter hits.

Since the rental bike program lasts for a week at a time, it’s also beneficial to those who dorm. We have all gotten frustrated and have had our moments when we’re waiting for the shuttle by University Hall. Especially for students living at the Village, there are limited shuttles that go to their destination. Since the bikes rent out weekly, residents can ride their bikes to the Village and use the locks that are supplied free without charge. It’s an easy alternative that can be used as a workout as well since you’re being active.

It’s important to take advantage of the new rental bikes on campus because they can be used for transportation, exercise and just plain old fun. The bikes have been implemented on campus for a reason, and more students should take advantage of the opportunity given to us by Montclair State University. Go out and rent a bike from the Student Recreation Center and ride your heart out.

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