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Cancel Culture Picks and Chooses Who Gets Away With Being Offensive

by Avery Nixon

If you haven’t heard by now, famous talk show host and actress Whoopi Goldberg is in turmoil after her offensive remarks on the Holocaust.

Goldberg claimed the Holocaust wasn’t about race, but about man’s inhumanity to one another. It’s a whole other story on how that’s false and antisemitic, especially when race is a social construct and the “Aryan race” felt as if Jewish people were a lesser race.

Besides her comments, what bothered me was the fact that she was suspended for two weeks while her problematic former co-host, Meghan McCain, never was. Why McCain calling the coronavirus (COVID-19) the “China virus” didn’t get her kicked off is beyond me.

After Goldberg received criticism for her Holocaust comments, McCain released a statement where she expressed her feelings on the incident.

“I was lectured to thousands of times on ‘The View,'” McCain said. “There is a belief that ‘cancel culture’ is really ‘accountability culture’ among the woke left, which seems to be a belief that’s quickly forgotten whenever it’s Whoopi who has to be held to account.”

The thing is, McCain was never canceled. She never lost her job and was never suspended. McCain came and went as she pleased.

This is a troubling theme, and it’s all too common.

Take Candace Owens for example. Owens is a well-known conservative, political commentator and is also a Black woman. In 2020, when Owens commented negatively on Harry Styles’ Vogue cover outfit, she was ripped to shreds on Twitter and received death threats, even toward her baby.

Famous singer Noah Cyrus even resorted to calling Owens a racist name.

On the other hand, Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator, is satirically loved by some on the left. While their “love” for him is meant as a joke, it is nowhere near the vitriol Owens received even though he says the exact same things.

Shapiro tweeted out in support of Owens.

“This is perfectly obvious. Anyone who pretends that it is not a referendum on masculinity for men to don floofy dresses is treating you as a full-on idiot,” Shapiro said.

Sadly, some of the harshest criticism Shapiro has ever faced is from an 8-year-old who apparently knows more about taxes than he does.

However, fewer articles referred to or mentioned Shapiro at all, despite him being more famous. As for Twitter, Shapiro was not subjected to racial slurs, antisemitic terms or death threats.

Where’s that same treatment for the white male commentators who say the exact same things and even worse? No one goes after them nearly as hard as they went after Owens.

Why “The View” has just now started to suspend hosts for their comments is honestly ridiculous. If I had to guess, they probably realized McCain arguing with everyone made them more money than Goldberg being offensive. Maybe they started to care about being canceled after they lost their shining trainwreck of a star.

Women, especially women of color, are often more harshly penalized than their white male counterparts for the same offense.

I want to make it clear I do not agree with or even tolerate any of the people I mentioned. Goldberg’s comments saddened me and the others have disgusted me with their own controversies. However, fair is fair.

“The View” should acknowledge McCain’s privilege and apologize for letting her spew her hate for way too long.

Perhaps Goldberg genuinely means her apology and will reflect on the antisemitism the Jewish community suffers from. Everyone has the power to change and help heal the pain they have caused.

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