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College Students vs. the Job Search: Social Darwinism at its Finest

by Montclarion Staff

With a new school term now in full force, thousands of Red Hawks are kicking into full gear as they take on their fall classes.

With their laptops still fully charged, pencils perfectly sharpened and backpacks filled with the weight of textbooks, students at Montclair State University are not messing around to ensure a perfect GPA this semester.

On the other hand, while many students have just begun their college journey, there are others who are preparing for their next chapter: The real world, which can be a little overwhelming to some seniors, but it’s just another part of growing up.


The one thing on many student’s minds as they finish their journey through college life and prepare for their future careers is advancing their skills outside of the classroom. This is an experience that some call “The Hunger Games” of job and internship searches, where in many cases, hundreds of students apply, but only one will come out victorious.

One anxiety-driven idea that is constantly recurring is asking themselves, “Am I good enough for the job?” They take a look at their resumes and feel confident sending it in with their cover letters, but are heartbroken when they don’t make it past the application stage.

For those who have experienced this feeling over and over again, it gets very depressing and weakens their motivation to keep searching. What they need to understand is that everything they are going through is completely normal.

According to The U.S. Census Bureau, the majority of people’s first post-college job is not always in their field of interest.

In a study conducted in Colorado by the bureau, those pursuing a degree in communications, journalism or other related fields are more likely to begin their careers in retail or information jobs. Those with a degree in business are more likely to begin in insurance or finance. Lastly, the majority of those in social sciences will begin in education or health.


The results of this study shouldn’t turn away students from pursuing their dreams and reaching for the stars. There are always strategies and resources for students to take advantage of before and after they leave Montclair State.

The first thing students should remember is that they shouldn’t fear rejection. Unfortunately, it happens to everyone at some point in their lives, but it doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Every rejection is a lesson and a step closer to an offer.

Students should also know about the resources available on campus, including Career Services.

Each college within the university has its own office for Career Services in which students are encouraged to visit whenever they have questions or need assistance with their own search.

One of the things they help students with is building their resumes. Students can make appointments to see their designated counselors through Hire a Red Hawk on Nest.

During these meetings, students can discuss their ideas and career goals. Counselors will walk students through every step of the job search process and give them feedback and advice along the way.

They also hold events each semester like career and internship fairs, where students can meet recruiters and explore all opportunities within their field of interest.

Transitioning from college life to the working world is something everyone goes through. It may be overwhelming at times, but the best way to conquer it is to take it one step at a time and know that you have plenty of support here at Montclair State.

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