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by Fiorella Medina

My first semester freshman year was filled with newly diagnosed anxiety and hating every second of college. I considered dropping out every day, and this led to being behind on my schoolwork and skipping classes to catch up on others.

It wasn’t until an email – which I considered my miracle – from the English department that said that the university’s newspaper was looking for new people. I took a journalism class in high school so I figured I had some experience, but I was wrong in the best way.

I walked into the little annex in the Student Center and was sure this was the first and last time I would enter that room. I was asked what I wanted to do, and as a scared little freshman, I said “anything.”

I now look back with gratitude because that’s how I ended up as a copy editor for four years.


I had no idea what I was doing my first day, but I faked it till I finally made it to senior year, learning on the way.

After getting involved in The Montclarion, I never felt like college was such a terrible thing. I became a part of something more than a newspaper – I became the little sister to a family. For the first time, I didn’t hate college.

Wednesdays became my busiest yet favorite day. I got to do a job I loved, and hang out with people I grew to love. My favorite part was getting to read all of the stories before anyone else got their hands on it.

Even though there were changes along the way, whether it be the editing process or moving into a new building, the passion put into the newspaper was the same.

The Montclarion not only gave me a better college experience, but also gave me growth and opportunity. I went to new states, and became closer with the staff, which made our working environment open and friendly. I became a journalism minor shortly after joining, and took a different path than what I imagined I would do as an English major.

If I never became a journalism minor I would have hid behind editing and never would have written. I’m so glad I was pushed by many people, such as our adviser Tara George. Thank you, Tara, for believing in the newspaper staff when we didn’t believe in ourselves.

Thank you to The Montclarion newspaper for watching me grow into a better writer and editor. My 18-year-old self would have never imagined that this newspaper was going to change me for the better. I’ve had many obstacles in college, but the newspaper was always my safe haven.

I’ve watched many assistants, editors and writers come and go since my freshman year. I always had to meet a new staff, but the two that will always hold a special place in my heart are former Editor-in-Chief Haley Wells and former Managing Editor Dominique Evans. Ladies, thank you for starting your journey as copy babies when I needed help the most, and blossoming into your own positions. Thanks for always sticking around, you’ll both do great things.


I’d also like to thank my assistants, Jen Losos, Brielle Wyka, Priscilla Cartagena and Olivia Paez, who I never wanted to feel like my assistants, but my equals. Thank you ladies for making Wednesdays better and trusting me in my AP Style answers. I wish nothing but the best for you all and your endeavors.

Thank you to the AP Stylebook for saving me numerous times when I didn’t know what I was doing, and for being a backbone for late night edits. Thank you for teaching me better grammar.

Last but not least, thank you to the whole Montclarion staff for always being my family and going to the camel and ostrich race. I will miss you all and I know you’ll do phenomenal.

Please remember the oxford comma isn’t allowed in a simple series.



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