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EDITORIAL: Future Governor, Will You Keep Your Promises?

by Montclarion Staff

New Jersey is the home of Bruce Springsteen, the ‘pork roll vs. Taylor ham’ debate and the state with the most diners. It is no question that New Jersey is a dynamic place, full of character, diversity and culture.

Our amazing state deserves genuine representation and tender, loving care, and as the governor, you have big shoes to fill. The 8 million inhabitants of New Jersey are counting on major changes to take place in their home state.

If you can’t tend to our passions and problems, what is the point of being in the position of power you are hoping to achieve?

Whoever wins, whether it is the familiar Democrat and current Gov. Phil Murphy, or Republican opponent, Jack Ciattarelli, the people and the businesses of New Jersey are counting on someone to make some real changes and improvements to the place we call home.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has displaced many people all over the country. People have lost their homes and jobs, and small businesses were left out to dry. What are we going to do to uplift the people again, especially those who are unemployed and hardly making ends meet with governmental assistance?

You need our support because we come in numbers, but too often it seems that politicians, like you, are taking advantage of our struggle to get votes, sponsorships and money for your own estate.

Education seems to be an important issue for both candidates, as well as many of the politicians of our past elections. However, schools remain underfunded, and the American youth are consistently falling behind our international counterparts.

It seems that to get a valuable education, not just higher education, the cost is too much for too many. It is a price tag that divides people who are just as deserving of these resources but unfortunately are not granted access, due to being of lower socioeconomic status. New Jersey may be one of the highest-ranked states when it comes to education, but it is also home to some of the most segregated schools in the country.

When it comes to education, what about the state of our public schools? More specifically, the ones in marginalized communities, where important programs are being cut and teachers are tired and underpaid?

Speaking of underpaid, it is time to increase the minimum wage. The cost of living is expensive here, considering we are right outside of New York City and our taxes are some of the highest in the country. The current minimum wage is far from a livable one. No wonder businesses have been having a hard time keeping employees during the pandemic; nobody wants to risk the safety of themselves and their loved ones for $12 an hour.

One of New Jersey’s more infamous qualities is our thriving manufacturing industry. The odors of factories and burning materials consume nearly every car driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. The amount of times there has been an advisory about unsafe air conditions is alarming, and it seems to become more frequent as the years go on.

The future of the environment is counting on those in positions of power to make real change. It is one thing to push the initiative to get the people to recycle or use paper bags instead of plastic, but what about the major industries polluting the earth?

Megacorporations like Amazon are most responsible for the deterioration of the world, and though these companies may positively impact the government and the economy, it is not benefiting the everyday person. In fact, they are exploiting us, and that must change.

Murphy praised Amazon’s latest plan to build a “mega-hub” in Newark Airport, but protestors, several former Amazon employees among them, made their displeasure clear. Will you listen to the people when they tell you what they want?

I am only scratching the surface of things the residents of New Jersey expect from the governor. We demand change and action, not false promises made to gain our support during your campaigns.

It is easy to act like you have the people’s best interests in mind. But at the end of the day, you must choose between your reputation and wealth, or doing better for this state and the people you are responsible for.

Will your promises be met? Or will New Jersey be disappointed and continue the cycle many are so desperately trying to break? That’s all up to you.

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